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Copacabana Bar and Grill - BBQ in Liverpool

17 Best Places to Grab Some BBQ in Liverpool

The sun will soon be out, cracking the flags here in Liverpool (we hope). So, like most good Brits, we’ll be whipping out our BBQs ASAP. If, however, you fancy dining on some delicious, fresh-from-the-grill delicacies without doing the grilling, check out all the best places to eat BBQ in Liverpool, in no particular order…

1. Red’s True Barbecue

Red's True BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @RedsBBQLiverpool – Facebook

Where to find it: Unit 3, 51 Hanover Street, Liverpool L1 3DN

With a tag line “Let there be meat”, it’s pretty easy to see why Red’s True Barbecue has become so popular across the city. Located on Hanover Street, the restaurant serves up some brilliant BBQ goodness from 12 pm every day.

They offer everything from St Louis Ribs, buffalo wings, sticky chicken, pulled pork, buttermilk slaw and mouth-watering burgers.

Did we mention they also do takeout? So you can even pick up a barbecue box and enjoy it in the comfort of your own garden or take it home and pretend like you’ve cooked it.

2. Ban Di Bul

Where to find it: 55 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EU

Not your average BBQ in Liverpool, Ban Di Bul specialises in a Korean style of grilling.

The way to do things here is, you order what you want to eat from the extensive BBQ menu and cook it at your table. Choose from sliced beef ribs, coated in a sticky sauce, squid and pork with veggies and the juiciest pork belly.

You then simply stick your selection on your own personal grill plate and watch it sizzle away. Ban Di Bul certainly brings the fun back into dining on BBQ in Liverpool.

3. Nolita Cantina

Nolita Cantina BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @nolitacantina81 – Facebook

Where to find it: 81a Bold Street, Liverpool, L14HF

If the idea of Havana Rum ribs or Dr. Pepper BBQ chicken wings tickles your barbecue pickle, it is essential you grab a table at Nolita Cantina.

We’re not ones to be bossy, but you have to go to this Bold Street restaurant and wrap your lips around their beer belly pork or high stack burgers. Each dish will be lovingly created by two passionate chefs who aim to deliver traditional, homemade American-style food to hungry diners in Liverpool.

4.Wall of Fame

Where to find it: Victoria Street, Liverpool, L2 6RG

If one nation knows how to do BBQ well it is America – and Wall of Fame is most definitely flying the Star Spangled Banner high on Victoria Street.

See if you can tackle a full or half rack of Memphis rib, which has been slow cooked for extra flavour in a Memphis dry rub. Yum!

You can also opt for the blackened salmon, or take your pick from a selection of Yo Mama Wings, and we’ve simply fallen in love with Corn in the USA. Now that’s some good BBQ in Liverpool!

5. Free State Kitchen

Free State Kitchen - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @FreeStateKitchen – Facebook

Where to find it: No.1 Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE

For sunshine and BBQ, make your way along to Free State Kitchen for some good food and a great tan. You can choose to sit inside the restaurant or outside in the beautiful beer garden, as you enjoy buffalo hot wings, sweetcorn fritters, The Free State Dog or an American cheeseburger.

For those looking for something sweet with their sunshine, you will be spoilt for choice with their range of delicious homemade desserts – and even more torn between their range of cocktails, beers and ciders.

6. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @TurtleBayLiverpoolHanover – Facebook

Where to find it: 59-91 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DY & Produce Exchange, 6A Victoria Street, Liverpool, L2 6QE

Turtle Bay has been inspired by the beach shacks and street food vendors found dotted across the Caribbean Islands. A mouthwatering menu includes authentic dishes that are unlike anything else in Liverpool.

Their traditional jerk chicken wings and ribs have been marinated for an incredible 24 hours before hitting the grill and both come paired with an exotic sour orange chutney.

Turtle Bay’s BBQ comes packed with all the flavour and aroma of authentic Carribean cuisine.

7. Copacabana Brazilian Bar and Grill

Copacabana Bar and Grill - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @CopacabanaLVP – Facebook

Where to find it: Queens Square, 1 St John’s Lane, Liverpool, L11 RH

We’ve fallen a little bit in love with Brazilian BBQ here at Signature’s Liverpool, but how could we not when we have Copacabana Bar and Grill?

No barbecue is complete without plenty of meat, right? So, visit this authentic Brazilian steakhouse, which offers prime cuts of chicken, beef, pork and lamb, which are cooked on an open fire before being carved at your table.

Your meat metre will reach boiling point at Copacabana Bar and Grill, a Brazilian BBQ in Liverpool.

8. The Club House

Club House L1 - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: TheClubHouseL1 – Facebook

Where to find it: Chavasse Park, Liverpool One, L2 9SQ

One of the best Liverpool restaurants to visit during the summer months has to be The Club House – and they are serving up some delicious BBQ in Liverpool to match the sunny weather.

Just some of the delicious dishes from the grill include baskets of BBQ or Piri Piri chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, and succulent meats served straight from the barbecue shack.

A special favourite Club House Dish of ours are the hanging kebabs, which come with a dish of sauce to drizzle over the succulent, fresh off the grill meat.

Take in the sun at an outdoor table or balcony, and enjoy the beautiful aromas from the grill, sure to tingle those taste buds.

9. Koop

Koop - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @koopliverpool – Facebook

Where to find it: 74 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HR

A place that whips up some of the best BBQ in Liverpool and isn’t shy about adding a punch of fantastic flavour to their dishes, is Koop.

In the wing shack, you have a choice of 5, 10 or 20 wings smothered in your preferred flavour, and you won’t know where to look when it comes to their burgers and wraps. Spoiled for choice their fillings include everything from pulled chicken to a Philly cheese steak burger.

You can even order the freshly marinated rotisserie chicken, which will be served straight from the spit roast onto your plate.

Clucking lovely.

10. Kazimier Garden

Kazimier Gardens BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @KazimierGarden – Facebook

Where to find it: The Kazimier, 4-5 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, L1 4JJ

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a beer garden on a summer’s day, is there? That’s why you just have to love Kazimier Garden, which offers a beautiful outdoor space and a fantastic garden BBQ every day.

Think sun, meat, veggie-friendly options and plenty of chips – not to mention delicious summer cooler cocktails, cask ales, wines, spirits and craft beers.

All their dishes are created from high-quality ingredients that have been freshly prepared onsite, offering that scrumptious, authentic BBQ taste and smell.

11. Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill

Fazenda BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @fazendaliverpool – Facebook

Where to find it: Horton House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3YL

For a sophisticated BBQ in Liverpool that packs a punch, book a table at Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill. With a full Rodizio, their selection of meats that have been slowly grilled perfection, will be carved directly at your table.

The gaucho chefs will grill each large cut of meat over open flame pits, creating a smoky, tender flavour that can only be achieved on an authentic Brazilian BBQ.

It’s not hard to see why this particular roasting method has been performed for centuries in the kitchens of Brazil. This is one dining experience to add to your Liverpool bucket list.

12. Constellations

Constellations - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @constellations.liv – Facebook

Where to find it: 37-39 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS

If you’ve spent most of your day in the office looking at food online, it’s time to enjoy some sunshine at Constellations, where you can try their tasty garden BBQ menu.

With the sun beaming down onto the stunning outdoor venue, and plenty of drinks to choose from, you will feel a million miles away from the workplace.

Take a bite of a chicken or Aberdeen Angus steak burger, or opt for their fresh and tasty lemon and thyme chicken flatbread.

They also offer plenty of vegetarian options, too!

13. Baltic Market

Little Rasco - Baltic Market - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @churrascosteak – Facebook

Where to find it: Cains Brewery, Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5XJ

Although the vendors are everchanging, you can pretty much guarantee there will always be an option for BBQ in Liverpool at Baltic Market.

The stalls from the past have included Trailer Trash Eats, KO Grill and presently the market are hosting Little Rasco, the smaller sibling of Churrasco Steakhouse out in the sticks.

Their delectable BBQ dishes include Spicy Cajun Tacos, Chimichurri Feta Steak Kebabs and pulled brisket fries.

For a surprise BBQ in Liverpool make your way to Baltic Market, you never know what you’re gonna get but you can bet it will be BBQ brilliance.

14. Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant 

Elif - BBQ in Liverpool
Credit: @elifboldst – Twitter

Where to find it: 33 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4DN

With a restaurant exterior brighter than the sun, Elif draws in its customers with an open kitchen looking out onto the street, showcasing its traditional Turkish BBQ food prep style.

Our favourite dish on the BBQ menu is the Izgara Kofte, a delicious charred meatball grilled over an open flame, served with a rich tomato and pepper sauce. Other delightful delicacies include chargrilled chicken wings and the tenderest lamb skewers.

Elif also has a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and whole sea bream and bass on its menu, for those who prefer their Turkish BBQ a little lighter.

15. Apocalypse Cow

Credit: @ApocalypseCowFood – Facebook

Where to find it: Cains Brewery, Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5XJ

The finest BBQ in Liverpool can be found located inside Ghettto Golf at Apocalypse Cow.

Before or after a round of the craziest crazy golf in town, get your fill of fabulous food from this heavenly street food vendor.

This BBQ joint has gone one step up from your usual burgers, steaks and kebabs, creating a wondrous variety of BBQ tapas dishes, that are perfect for sharing.

Nibble on 14hr smoked burnt brisket ends, boneless chicken tenders or jumbo smoked chicken wings with a wide variety of sauces to smother them in.

BBQ and Tapas have just had a baby and it is beautiful.

16. Red Dog Saloon

Where to find it: 66 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HR

Serving up old school Austin style BBQ in Liverpool, Red Dog Saloon do things right.

Using ancient BBQ recipes passed down from generation to generation, this is the place to pick up some BBQ in Liverpool from folks who take it seriously.

All their BBQ meat has been cooked inside huge hickory wood on site smokers, giving each and every piece of steak, chicken and pork that tender charred flavour.

Red Dog Saloon is great for those who like to share their love of meat, with the Carnivore Platter including every cut of meat on the menu and a healthy helping of side dishes too.

Or get your teeth sunk into a St. Louis Pork Rib, a cut of pork found around the belly where there’s more fat and much more flavour.

17. Kassap Meat House

Kassap Meat House BBQ Liverpool

Where to find it: 77 Bold Street. Liverpool. L1 4EZ

Serving the very best of British beef, prepared using traditional Turkish cooking methods, Kassap Meat House is the latest addition to Bold Street’s fantastic dining scene.

Everything from Tomahawk to T Bones is lovingly butchered and prepared on site then served to your table rustic style.

And, it’s not just steak you’ll find at Kassap, there’s also a fabulous range of burgers, veggie dishes, seafood and chicken to choose from as well.

Coming soon keep your eyes peeled for a very special BBQ party at Alma de Cuba, where the Latin life and soul of the city will be bringing the heat of South American flavour, fresh from the grills.

liverpool street art
Source: Alma de Cuba

That’s all the very best places to find BBQ in Liverpool, great for a summer of non-stop food sensations fresh from the grills and fire pits of the city.

Fancy something a bit more sophisticated for a date perhaps? Why not try our guide to the best sushi in Liverpool, the perfect places to enjoy delicious Italian food ideal for romantic nights out on the town

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