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We don’t know about you, but we love everything about Liverpool. If we had to pick our favourite thing, well it would probably be all the lovely people. Every city probably thinks their people are the best – but we know it! And we want to prove it to you by offering 17 reasons why Scousers are the best people in the world. We’re sure you’ll agree.

1. We’re Happy to Dance with Strangers

What’s wonderful about Liverpool is that one moment you could be walking down the street, shopping or heading to work, and the next minute you’re dancing with a bunch of people you’ve never met before – and will probably never see again in your life. All it takes is a beat, a great atmosphere and plenty of wonderful characters, as the video above proves.

2. We Set Trends



We’re no copycats here in Liverpool. We don’t follow in others’ footsteps, we set trends that people will want to replicate. Jodie Schofield, an event organiser and local singer, decided she wanted to change the world – and it seems like her plan in working. She created Be Lovely Day, which encourages people to make a kind act for one day. This could be as simple as buying someone’s drink in a coffee shop, sending a nice message to an old friend or just doing a small or big act to put a smile on a person’s face. It’s not just Liverpool that opted to pay it forward on 23rd January, as people from across the world performed random acts of kindness, thanks to ambassadors across the UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

3. We Celebrate the Streets

Bold Street has to be one of the most popular streets in Liverpool – and it’s so good that scouse band Wild Rossa and the ’88 got together to perform Feel It (The Bold Street Strut) – which celebrated the Liverpool street – and the video was also filmed on it!

It’s not just Bold Street we love. You would be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t love the atmosphere of Berry Street, which is full of amazing eateries just waiting to be experienced – and don’t even get us started on Lark Lane that’s loaded with amazing characters and restaurants!

4. We’re One Big Community

Liverpool Homeless


Liverpool is more than just a city – it is one big community. Liverpudlians are always willing to offer a helping hand in various forms when needed. There are just so many people and projects that we could highlight that have taken place in the past or are happening every single day.

One thing the city can be proud about is how we are dedicated to helping homeless people off the streets – or, at the very least, offering them a cup of coffee and something to eat. It was recently announced that Liverpool is the best performing city for dealing with homelessness. One of the most notable charity organisations currently helping the homeless is The Whitechapel Centre, who is ran by a team of volunteers who want to help those in need in their local community. The centre also provides support for those at risk of becoming homeless. Click here to learn more.

No-one is more loyal than a Scouser – which is why the city was infuriated when Chris Howgate, a disabled Everton FC fan, was verbally abused at the Ethihad Stadium in January. Showing their support, Liverpudlians took to social media to offer words of comfort and encouragement to Chris, just like they did when a similar incident happened to 8-year-old James Ireland earlier in January.

5. We’re Up for Anything

Phil Duncan has chosen to leave Liverpool to go in search of the best pizza in the world. A passionate traveller and pizza lover, he has travelled to 30 countries in the hope of finding the most perfect slice. The Liverpudlian has stated he has ate pizza in some of the largest countries in the world, and on some of the tiny remote islands in the middle of nowhere – but he’s never failed to find a slice. Phil is therefore living proof that you anyone can follow their dreams, even if it is just tasting delicious pizza. He’s an inspiration to us all!

6. We Love a Good Laugh

Scousers are known for loving a good laugh, as the video above proves. The local builders couldn’t help but laugh when a workmate fails to answer their simple maths question. The city loved the video so much that it was shared 5,000 times across Facebook and racked up 180,000 views – and we’re pretty sure you’ll all like to have a laugh, too.

The city could not help but laugh when a photograph of an abandoned raw chicken was left in an Anfield phone box – and was later posted on a lost and found group on Facebook. Amateur comedians across the city hit social media to come up with their best jokes. Click here to see the funniest jokes.

7. We Will Go the Extra Mile



Andrew Rogerson, known as The Cycling Scouser, journeyed 10,000 miles by bike from Shanghai to Liverpool over five months – all in the name of the Antony Nolan Trust. The dedicated cyclist raised a fantastic £22,000 for the charity, which aims to save the lives of those with blood cancer who need a stem cell transplant.

8. We Break the Mould

The Beatles


We’re all about changing the course of history here in Liverpool. The Beatles changed music forever, creating some of the most famous songs of all time, and inspiring countless artists and bands. Liverpudlian April Ashley also inspired countless transgender people to fight for social injustice, as she was one of the earlier British people to embark on sex reassignment surgery.

9. We’re Pretty Hot

Milk Tray Man


20,000 applicants applied to become the new Milk Tray Man, but only one person was worthy of the title – and that was none other than Liverpool fire fighter Patrick McBride. The 39-year-old Dad of one is all set to play the iconic TV advert character, making hearts melt across the nation.

Miss Great Britain will also come to Liverpool in June 2016 – and it’s not hard to see why, because our city is full of beautiful girls with fantastic personalities to match. So, if you want to prove just how stunning Liverpool girls are, it’s not too late to enter the nationwide competition – you never know, you could follow in Scouser Danielle Lloyd’s footsteps and win the crown!

10. We’re Not Afraid to Take a Stand

Free Michael Shields


Liverpudlians can be the nicest people in the world – but mess with our city and you will feel our wrath. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and take a stand. Justice for the 96 is a testament to that statement – as the whole city has stood behind the Hillsborough disaster victims’ family and friends, so that justice can finally be done.

The whole city stood behind LFC supporter Michael Shields when was convicted of the attempted murder of Martin Georgiev, a Bulgarian citizen on 30th May 2005, following Liverpool FC’s 2005 UEFA Champions League win. Liverpool fans campaigned hard for the release of Michael Shields, and the group was supported by the Leader of the Labour Group, who now serves as Mayor, Joe Anderson. After two unsuccessful appeals, and a confession from another English football fan, Michael Shields received a royal pardon by Jack Straw and was released on 9th September 2009.
One of the proudest moments in Liverpool in 2015 had to be when we halted the White Man March by National Action. Thanks to the loyal public, the white supremacist group abandoned their march and cancelled the other!

11. We’re Talented

David Morrissey


We don’t mean to float our own boat, but us Liverpool lot are a mighty bit talented. Obviously, we have The Beatles, but so much other talent has come from the city, but there’s so many more people the city has to brag about. In terms of sport, we’ve got Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Dixie Dean and Gary Ablett. That’s not forgetting the professional boxers Tony Bellew, Rocky Fielding and the Smith Brothers.

The city has also produced its fair share of actors, such as Tom Baker, Rex Harrison, Jason Isaacs, Glenda Jackson, Stephen Graham and David Morrissey. We’ve also got plenty of wonderful musical talent in the form of Rebecca Ferguson, Echo & the Bunnymen and Miles Kane. In fact, you only have to walk through town to hear some amazing buskers every single day.

12. We Celebrate Our History


We love a good knees up here in Scouseland – which is why we’re all over city events like cheese on toast. Millions turned up to see the Three Queen re-enact the first transatlantic passage, and we shown up in droves to see the giants descend onto the city streets, and again upon their return. More than a quarter of a million people also turned up to see Poppies: Weeping Window at St George’s Hall – more than doubling the number of visitors who visited the installation during its first display at Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland.

13. We’re Fabulous

Ladies' Day


Oh, us scousers do know how to dress. You only have to take a walk down the high street to see an everyday catwalk, featuring the coolest looks and independent styles.

The city loves all things fashionable, which is evident at the Crabbie’s Grand National Festival every single year. Liverpool is highly regarded for its beautiful sense of style, with the media loving nothing more than publishing the best looks at Ladies’ Day or the sharpest styles on the day of the big event!

14. We’re Creative

daily sketcher

Not only are we hot, fashionable, talented, loyal and friendly, but the city is full to the brim with creativity. Take a look at The Leather Satchel Co. as a perfect example. The bag, belts and satchel company started from a garage in Huyton to become one of the most sought after satchel company in the world.

The Daily Sketcher is also making waves across the city, leaving philosophical yet humorous sketches across Merseyside trains. No-one knows the illustrator’s identity, despite the fact he or she has built up quite a cult following online.

Baltic Creative is just buzzing with creative talent, offering space to support innovation, creativity and commercial success in the UK. Offering workspaces, shop front studios and all sorts of superb events, it’s in this very building where the city’s creativity can truly flourish.

15. We’re a City of Heroes

Christopher Hart


As many people will know, the Battle of the Atlantic was fought and won in Liverpool during World War II – a victory the city can be immensely proud of. However, it’s not just our victories that should be celebrated, but the people who helped us achieve the freedom we know today.

Mayor General Ernest Wright Alexander (VC) (CB) (CMB) and William Ratcliffe were the recipients of the Victoria Cross during World War I – the highest award for gallantry in the face of the army that can be awarded to the British and Commonwealth forces. Charles Anderson (VC), who also hailed from Liverpool, received the Victoria Cross during the Indian Mutiny for saving the life of Lieutenant-Colonel Seymour.

Last October, 91-year-old veteran Christopher Hart, who served as a leading air craftsman engineer in WWII, finally received the French Legion d’Honneur, 70 years after the conflict. Due to Mr Hart’s terminal cancer, the veteran received the honour at his Maghull home.

16. We’re Innovative

stem cell trial


We love to change the world one groundbreaking trial at a time here in Liverpool. That’s why stem cells are currently being grown in Liverpool, as part of a pioneering clinical trial of a new diabetes treatment. The trial could potentially combat diabetic kidney disease, as the cells will be injected into a diabetic’s bloodstream to slow down or stop the disease.

17. We Support Our Independents



Liverpool is full of so many wonderful independents at the moment, including exciting restaurants, bars and stores. Whilst chain stores are still popular in the city, many people would pick American Pizza Slice over a famous rival. High street stores might see a flurry of fashionistas, but you’ll still see plenty of footfall across some of the wonderful boutiques and vintage shops dotted around the city centre. As we stated earlier, we’re one big community and that filters from helping a lost tourist to shopping in a local retailer’s store.

18. We’re Diverse


Forget the stereotypes you’ve heard, because Liverpool is stuffed with wonderful characters from across the world. With the oldest Chinese community in Europe, the oldest Mosque in England and extensive links to the Emerald Isle, don’t let anyone tell you we’re not diverse. We also celebrate our culture through fantastic events, such as Africa Oye, The Liverpool Irish Festival and Brazilica.

So, now you know what’s wonderful about Scousers, check out what’s fantastic about the beautiful city of Liverpool.

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