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The Most Delicious Places To Get Takeaway Lunch in Liverpool

Step away from that pre-packed sandwich and put down the meal deal, its time to enjoy your takeaway lunch in Liverpool at one of these fine foodie establishments who are ready to spice up your working lunch.

It’s about time your lunch in Liverpool became interesting again.


Where: Dale Street

Add a little Latin to your lunch in Liverpool at Changos, a burrito bar that delivers nothing but the best burritos around.

For those with little time and a lot of appetite, Changos guarantees the most mouth-watering burritos this side of the Atlantic for every type of diet.

Whether you are a veggie, gluten-free or a good old-fashioned meat eater, a Changos burrito will fill you up until tea time and maybe even beyond.

Better still these colossal burritos are pocket-friendly too with prices ranging from £5.25 – £7.50 and just £5.95 for their lunchtime deal of burrito, nachos and a soft drink.

Pasta Cosa

Where: Castle Street

A tiny Italian Gem in the heart of the business district, Pasta Cosa brings exactly what many of us have been waiting for all our lives; takeaway pasta.

It’s about time someone brought a variety of fresh pasta’s with authentic sauces to match to our tables.

Simply chose your pasta preference, add a sauce, side and even traditional Italian dessert and your good to go.

Pick up a piece of pasta heaven for pennies, with pasta box prices ranging from £5.75 – £7.25.

American Pizza Slice

Where: Whitechapel and Bold Street

Not one we’d recommend every day if you want to fit in your skinny jeans for the foreseeable, but for an indulgent slice sized treat American Pizza Slice certainly hits the spot.

Pick up one slice to scoff on the way back to the office or be everyone’s favourite colleague and take an entire pie back to work to share.

There are veggie options, and tonnes of clever concoctions as well as the traditional style toppings for those who like to keep things old school.

Or why not try a pizza roulette, you never know what you might get.


Where: Williamson Square and Bold Street

You may not know it yet but you are dying to try Lebanese street food and thankfully there are two places where you can pick up your first Lebanese lunch in Liverpool.

Bakchich started out life as a popular stall on Liverpool’s annual Christmas markets serving the festive crowds that gathered with traditional Lebanese cuisine.

Flavoursome Shawarma kebabs, delicious Falafel and tonnes of picky little Mezza dishes to chose from Bakchich provide flavoursome food at affordable prices for a Lebanese style lunch in Liverpool on the go.

Olive Branch Liverpool

Where: Richmond Street

A taste of Turkey all wrapped up in the centre of Liverpool, the Olive Branch entices hungry passersby in with a waft of delicious spicy smells.

The huge menu gives diners a large selection of traditional Turkish dishes including mezze, kebabs, burgers and wraps.

Plenty of sides and their affordable meal deals make Olive Branch a solid choice for a tasty lunch in Liverpool on a budget.


Where: Old Hall Street

Specialising in helping the busiest people make the most of their lunch in Liverpool, Mangetout offer a handmade sandwich, soup and salad service that allows you to tailor your perfect lunch.

Everything from homemade hearty soups to super special sarnies of the week all starting at just £2.95!

Mangetout caters to everyone’s tastes, diets and time frames and budgets and is a great go to option for a quick at tasty lulnch break in Liverpool.

Rough Hand Made

Where: Britannia Pavilion

Once Penny Lanes most popular pie shop, Rough Hand Made now calls another legendary Liverpool location home; Albert Dock.

Pick up perfect pastry creations such as freshly made croissants, quiches and pizza rolls or perhaps a sarnie made with hand rolled and raised bread baked fresh that day.

By visiting Rough Hand Made you can also feed your conscience on your lunch hour knowing that your purchase is allowing the business to continue donating their fresh baked leftovers to homeless charities of Liverpool.

Food that feeds your face whilst also feeding your soul.


Where: Church Street

Born from the need of one man looking to eat enjoyable oriental food in a hurry Kokoro serves up a selection of bentos, sushi, salads and sides all inspired by the Orient.

Pick up a pretty platter of dainty sushi or a scrumptious sweet and sour chicken, no matter what you are in the mood for, as long as it’s from the far east Kokoro have got you covered.

This is about as exotic as lunch in Liverpool gets and what’s more, it’s fresh and ready to go in a hurry.

P&D Italian Deli

Where: Williamson Square

This often packed deli offers those who lunch in Liverpool a selection of deli deliciousness in rapid time.

Step in and order from a selection of pizzas and paninis that are cooked to order and try to ignore the perfectly formed desserts staring at you from the open deli counter or the buckets of homemade Italian ice cream on the other side.

Savoury specialities include charcoal bread, traditional focaccia and delicious cured meats all less than £5.00 a pop.

Caribou Poutine

Where: Slater Street

What . . . you’ve never heard of poutine, well join the crew. We hadn’t either until we paid this delightful establishment a visit and now we’re hooked.

The brainchild of two young entrepreneurs who felt there was a poutine shaped hole in the stomachs of Liverpudlians everywhere, Caribou Poutine is a culinary gem and perfect for picking up an indulgent takeaway lunch in Liverpool.

Poutine is simply cheese curds, gravy and fries, which can be made gluten-free and veggie on request. Toppings include pulled pork, sausage egg and bacon, steak, chicken and anything else you think could go on top of cheese and gravy-covered fries.


The Bagelry

Where: Nelson Street

The bagel itself is a pretty nifty baked good all on its own, it’s almost a doughnut but not, genius.

Now the folks at The Bagelry have turned the brilliance of the basic bagel into a piece of bready brilliance.

Take for example the Sunnyside Bagel with an egg fried in each hole or the perfectly baked bagel with lashings of creative cream cheese concoctions. The possibilities for a new lunch in Liverpool sensation are endless at The Bagelry Liverpool.

Bon Bon Bakery

Where: Berry Street

Fancy a Chinese but can’t manage a whole crispy duck on your lunch in Liverpool then why not try the Bon Bon Bakery instead.

Here you can wrap your lips around dainty delights such as the Spring Onion or Char Sui Buns, both baked to perfection and bitesize chunks of Chinese flavoured heaven.

Not one of these little treats are will break a £2 coin so feel free to fill a takeaway box to the brim, we won’t judge as long as you intend to share.

Down The Hatch

Where: Duke Street (lunch service Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only)

Vegan’s and veggies this is a Friday treat for your lunch in Liverpool and meat eaters who don’t mind missing their daily meat intake for the day, you should give it a go to.

lunch in Liverpool

Simply put the menu consists of junk food made from vegan and veggie goodness including delectable dishes such as tofu burgers, seitan strips and BBQ pulled jackfruit.

If you’ve never heard of seitan before, it’s a meat substitute for vegans and jackfruit actually grows on trees but has a pulled pork like consistency. You’ve got to eat to believe it on your next lunch break in Liverpool get Down the Hatch


Where: Old Haymarket

If you love your music and healthy eats then Lovelocks is the ideal place to pick up lunch in Liverpool to go.

lunch in Liverpool

Based on a relatively quiet street in Liverpool city centre you might not know this little gem exists but once you’ve tasted their homemade soups and a great range of salads you’ll never look back.

Freshly made takeaway bagels and trendy little quinoa pots will keep your hunger at bay and help you keep up a healthy balanced diet with plenty of choice for veggies and vegans too.


Where: The Plaza

If you are on a diet and are worrying about keeping track of those calories then head to Chop’d where you can create your own delicious lunch and know the exact calories countdown to the last bean.

lunch in Liverpool

Finding a healthy tailored lunch in Liverpool has never been so easy at Chop’d and better still you can order online and collect when ready.

And it’s not just salad on the menu, you can choose from a selection of hot dishes like Chilli Beef and Chicken Katsu Curry, Thai Beef or Chicken Caesar wraps and plenty of healthy treats too.

Prices range from £1.25 – £7.00.

Chop Chop

Where: Fenwick Street

Ever wondered what that wonderful smell was when you were walking down Fenwick Street, follow your noses and find your way to Liverpool’s number one Korean takeaway.

lunch in Liverpool

Bibimbaps, Bento boxes and Deopbaps are in plentiful supply and if you’re not sure of the difference here’s a little guide for you;

Bokkeumbap = rice fried with other ingredients

Deopbap = steamed rice topped with other ingredients

Bibimbap = rice with golden crusted bottom mixed with other ingredients

All of which are deliciously flavoursome and available at Chop Chop for an exotic lunch in Liverpool.

Lunya and Lunyalita

Where: Corner of College Lane Hanover Street and Albert Dock

Not just a superb Catalan restaurant and deli but also one of the tastiest places to pick up your lunch in Liverpool when you are in a hurry.

lunch in Liverpool

Choose from an extensive takeaway tapas menu including some delicious traditional dishes and treat your taste buds to the flavours of Catalan cuisine at its best only at Lunya Liverpool.

There’s no excuse for eating band lunch in Liverpool now, so get out there and start living the kind of lunch life you want to in any of these amazing eateries.

At Signatures Liverpool its plainly obvious that we really like our food and if you do too there are a tonne of guides to check out here including the best places to eat for veggies, where to pick up excellent burgers or BBQ. There’s even a guide to healthy eating in Liverpool and a foodies guide to Bold Street if you need area specific instructions.

Get your foodie fix in Liverpool using any of our amazing go-to guides and enjoy a new way of eating lunch in Liverpool thanks to us.

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