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An Inside Look at Ziferblat: The Community Space with a Difference

Liverpool is a city filled to the brim with coffee shops and cafes all offering a spot of solitude, a comfy seat and a good cup of coffee.

But what do you do when you’ve finished your cake and coffee but don’t want to leave?

Welcome to Ziferblat, the incredible community space which is taking Liverpool by storm.

Having opened their Albert Dock venue last summer, Ziferblat has gone from strength to strength with visitors coming in their thousands to enjoy the laid back environment which allows guests to do as they please without time constraints.

Ziferblat is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before as you don’t pay for what you eat or drink, you pay for your time.

The new sitting room, which is situated in St Pauls Square in the business district, offers a more adaptable space which fits in well with the local area. There is more formal meeting space, a number of quirky board rooms and sixties style décor throughout which makes this space a perfect alternative for the city’s businessmen and women.


If you’ve never been to Ziferblat before, you’d be forgiven for asking what the catch is when you’re given a check in time and realise everything is free bar your time which is charged at just 8p for every minute you spend inside.

Whilst in Ziferblat you can enjoy coffee from 92 Degrees, tea cakes, biscuits, pastries, bread, soup and juices all for free from the Ziferkitchen. You can also make use of the facilities on offer which includes chopping boards, crockery, cutlery, a microwave and toastie machine, the only catch; you have to clean up after yourself and do your own washing up but we admit that’s not too much of an ask.

As well as heaps of work space for those looking for an alternative to chain coffee shops, Ziferblat offers a wide range of board games for all to enjoy as well as super speed WiFi, daily newspapers and the latest magaiznes to keep everyone entertained.


Speaking to Gareth Harold, Head of Operations at Ziferblat, he said the Albert Dock has been a huge success with tourists but this new space targets a whole new audience.

The space is designed with a unique Streetscape feel with every meeting room having its own front door and the feel of stepping back in time. With projectors, white boards and stationery all available at your disposal, you could literally run your business from this space, and unsurprisingly, many do.

Ziferblat offers those who run their own business or work from home, the opportunity to work within a community space, a concept which is welcomed with open arms. With amazing Wi-Fi, a kitchen and plenty of desk space; Ziferblat really is an extension of your own home with everything you’d need for a fraction of the cost.


Marketing Director Ben Davis said the newly opened community space is long overdue; “We’re really excited to have our second space in Liverpool. It’s the largest space we’ve ever created and it’s a testament to how welcoming Liverpool and the people here are.

“Whether you’re coming to do work, grabbing a coffee or looking for a bit of downtime, we welcome everyone to our new space in the heart of the business district.”

For those in a rush, Ziferblat have introduced take-away coffee on an honesty basis for those looking to grab a coffee on their way to work or on their lunch with no obligation to pay extortionate prices.

Ziferblat is a pay-per-minute community space like we’ve never experienced before; we encourage you to pop in, have a coffee and relax in this wonderful space and don’t forget to let them know that Signature’s Liverpool sent you.


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