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50 Reasons why Liverpool is the Best Student City in the UK

Liverpool is a fantastic city and the number one choice for many students looking to fly the nest and embark on the next chapter in their lives.

Now, there are probably many reasons why you’ve chosen Liverpool as your place of study; it may be the great reputation of the university, it may be the incredible social scene, or maybe because its filled with stunning architecture around every corner.

Whatever the reason; we’ve come up with 50 reason why Liverpool is the greatest city for students.

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1. It’s home to around 50,000 students so you’re guaranteed to meet new people

Freshers Fair

2. With three world-class universities in the city, Liverpool is a melting pot of all cultures from people all over the world

University of Liverpool

3. Liverpool is one of the cheapest places in the UK to be a student


4. And student accommodation is situated in some of the best city centre locations

ChapelDeluxe Studio - at Vita Students
ChapelDeluxe Studio – at Vita Students

5. Which means more money for nights out!

6. Did you know Liverpool is famed for its eclectic nightlife and student scene?

Bar Signature

7. Which means every night is student night

Medication Liverpool

8. And fancy dress is always acceptable

Smurfs fancy dress

9. You’ll spend the majority of Monday nights in here whether you like it or not

The Raz

10. And you’ll discover Bingo isn’t just for your nan

Bongos Bingo

 11. Prepare to emigrate to Smithdown Road for your second and third years

Smithdown Road

12. Where the Brookhouse will become your local

The Brookhouse

13. There are 100 reasons why we were named Capital of Culture in 2008

Liverpool's Three Graces

14. Our libraries are beautiful in case you get bored of Aldham Robarts

Central Library

15. We’re home to some world-famous landmarks

St Georges Hall

16. Oh…and a world famous band


17. So you’ll find some amazing Beatles landmarks

 Beatles Landmark at the Pier Head

18. The Albert Dock is pretty special

Albert Dock

19. University of Liverpool is home to some pioneering research

Liverpool Uni Cancer Research
Cancer research at the University of Liverpool

20. And the buildings look like something out of Harry Potter

University of Liverpool - Victoria Building

21. Our alumni are world class

Brian May & Beth Tweedle
© Matt Thomas

22. And the locals are pretty legendary

Cycling Scouser

 23. We also attract some amazing celebrities

Eddie Redmayne Liverpool
Warner Bros.

24. We’re home to the largest Chinese community in Europe

Liverpool China Town

25. Which means a whole selection of amazing Chinese restaurants

North Garden

26. And Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in our calendar

Chinese New Year

27. In fact, there is a plethora of amazing events which happen throughout the year

Liverpool Festival at Pier Head

28. Including The Giants which are coming back next year

Liverpool Giants

29. There are plenty of parks so you can relax if uni is getting too much

Sefton Park, liverpool

30. Speaking of parks; have you seen the Palm House in Sefton Park?

Palm House, Sefton Park

31. And there are more than a few stunning beaches within easy reach

Crosby Beach

32. Bold Street will become your favourite place to eat, shop and drink

Bold Street

33. Plus, it’s full of independents which means you’re supporting local business owners

Mowgli Street Food

34. And the Bombed Out Church is transformed into a spectacular events venue in summer

Bombed out church

35. Not only is there one incredible cathedral…

Anglican Cathedral

36. But there’s two!

Metropolitan Cathedral

37. Liverpool is a relatively small city which means everything in the centre is pretty much within walking distance

 Mathew Street

38. But if you do want to get a taxi, they’re extremely cheap!

Liverpool Taxi

39. Liverpool One has everything you’ll ever need

Liverpool One

40. There is a great vibrancy and energy about the city; day and night

The Clubhouse

41. And we’re home to two of the biggest Premier League football clubs in the world

 Liverpool FC

42. No matter if you’re a football fan or not; the atmosphere during the derby is unrivalled

Liverpool v Everton

43. You’ll constantly be asked if you’re a Red or a Blue, so decide now

Half and half scarf

44. And our annual Santa Dash is a little different to other cities

Liverpool Santa Dash

45. Not into football? Maybe the Grand National will take your fancy

Grand National

46. Christmas time is really magical in Liverpool

 Sefton Park

47. And our Christmas markets are second to none

 Christmas Markets

48. You’ll soon be referring to Liverpool as home, and yourself as an adopted ‘Scouser’


49. Graduation is spectacular in the Cathedral

 Liverpool graduation

50. And you’ll definitely struggle to leave this incredible city when uni is over

 Liverpool City

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