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The Ultimate Guide to Liverpool’s Christmas Markets

Liverpool’s Christmas Markets are back

And better than ever before! They lift the Christmas spirit every year and get scousers and visitors alike in the festive mood.

Now in its 11th year, the markets seem more diverse than they ever have, there are more places to drink, eat and shop.

As well as the Christmas markets, Liverpool One has gone all out to bring Christmas to the city. Outside John Lewis is the UK’s tallest Christmas tree, which is covered in 240 love hearts that are lit up every day and night. On top of Liverpool One on Chavasse Park is a wealth of festive activities for all ages.

We went on a tour of the markets and spoke to some of the traders to find out how they like the Liverpool Christmas Markets and all they have to offer.

This year the markets run the entire length of Church Street, Lord Street and halfway up Paradise Street leading to one of two Christmas Tree’s in the city centre. Starting from the top of Lord Street and working towards Bold Street, we’ve listed every stall on this years markets with a breakdown of what they’re selling so you won’t miss a thing!

Stall Number 1. The Jazzy Frog

The first stall you’ll come to is The Jazzy Frog, a fair trade stall selling numerous incense sticks and boxes, handmade wall hangings and Buddha statues. The stall is run by a local trader who has a passion for all things hippy and tie-dye. The Jazzy Frog is usually present at local festivals and other markets around the city. If you’ve got a friend or family member who loves anything authentic and are a little bit free spirited, this is a stall you need to visit.

The Jazzy Frog

Stall Number 2. Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration’s

Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas tree this year with some personalised tree decorations from the second stall on Lord Street. This large stall has something for everyone, from babies to couples and grans to teenager your sure to find something special. These decorations will last a lifetime and can be used year after year making them air looms at Christmas time. There are a number of different decorations on offer, from elves to snowman, reindeer and Santa’s you can add a personal message, name or date to make your tree decorations extra special.

Christmas Tree Decoration’s

Stall Number 3. Kwok Wing Foods

The first food stall of the markets in Kwok Wing, a local trader selling traditional oriental food to warm you up on a cold and windy day. Kwok Wing Foods have been in Liverpool since the 80s and provided the city’s people, supermarkets and restaurants with the best authentic chilli sauce. From the stall you can try crispy aromatic duck wraps, pork or vegetable dumplings and a Mongolian wrap, which is filled with the flavours of east-central Asia. Douse your delicious food with a generous serving of homemade sauces, which are made by Kwok Wig themselves.

Kwok Wing Foods

Stall Number 4. Poto Studios

There is nothing better than showing off the glorious city that is Liverpool in picture form around your house. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the city or simply visiting, the views, skyline and landmarks are stunning and make for a fantastic gift. The Poto Studio’s stall is located just outside Barclays bank on Lord Street and has an array of paintings and photography photos for sale. The company, Photo Studios is local to Liverpool and can provide you with extensive details of each and every photo, if required.

Photo Studios

Stall Number 5. Wooden Plaques

From plaques for your loo to your front door there is a plaque and accompanying moto which rings true for every household. Wooden Plaques make excellent gifts for friends & family which come with a collection of sayings such as “Always my mother, forever my friend” and cheekier ones such as “A lovely lady and a grumpy old man live here” there are hundreds of plaques to choose from so finding one suitable for you or your family is easy.

Wooden Plaques

Stall Number 6. The Festive House

The Festive House is the second tree decoration stall on Lord Street, selling unique, handcrafted and hand painted wooden tree decorations, you can kit out your entire tree from the markets this year. Located outside Trade Nation, The Festive House has a number of decorations that complement the usual baubles and tinsel. Make your tree truly unique from anything you’ll find on the high street this year.

The Festive House

Stall Number 7. Wooden Train Letters

Christmas isn’t complete without a wooden train spelling a little ones name, and this stall on Lord Street gives you exactly that. These are decorations and ornaments which last a lifetime and are not exclusive to Christmas. The stall furthermore sells wooden door hangings that feature popular children’s characters, including Bart Simpson and Micky Mouse, as well as animals such as lions and bunnies, which can be personalised by name, free of charge.

Wooden Train Letters

Stall Number 8. Tikka Kabab Kitchen

 The one and only Indian stall this year is Tikka Kebab Kitchen. The Indian Grill and Curry House sells authentic Indian street food such as chicken tikka masala and lamb Rogan Josh, as well as wraps that have fillings such as chicken, lamb and paneer cheese for vegetarians. The family-run stall cooks everything from fresh and ensures everything is bursting with Asian flavours and spices. Kebabs are also on offer which are cooked over a charcoal grill which only adds to the flavour.

Tikka Kabab Kitchen

Stall Number 9. Baklava Mediterranean Food

From olives to sweets, nuts and fruit, the Baklava Mediterranean Food stall sells everything you’ll need for a festive snack. They make for perfect snacking as you make your way around the markets or can be taken home to become your special Christmas nibbles, you know the ones you only buy when you have guests! The great thing about Baklava Mediterranean Food is that you can try before you buy. There are also number of traditional Mediterranean desserts and baked goods on sale, including the popular Baklava.

Baklava Mediterranean Food stall

Stall Number 10. Mark West Soaps

This is the only stall in the Christmas Markets that sells soaps and bath products, and they’re particularly nice. Each bar of soap is loving handcrafted by Mark West who makes and wraps each product individually. There are a range of different types of soaps from names such as ‘mum’ and ‘nan’ to decorations such as Christmas tree’s and elephants, Mark West Soaps ensure gfting soap this year doesn’t have to be boring. The stall furthermore sells a range of bath salts and bath bombs which come in a range of colours and smells.

Mark West Soaps

Stall number 11. Winter Warmers

Having a Christmas jumper is compulsory, and with Winter Warmers you’ll be spoilt for choice. The knitted jumpers come in a range of sizes and designs, with famous Christmas saying such as ‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal’ as well as Frozen characters and Minions, making them perfect gifts for children. The stall also sells knitted gloves, bobble hats and ear muffs to make sure you don’t catch a cold this winter.

Winter Warmers

Stall Number 12. Romarno’s

If you’re looking for a stylish gift for a fashion-forward girl this Christmas, Romarno’s is the stall you need to find! Located just outside of McDonald’s on Lord Street, the stall is filled to the brim with a large selection of fur lined capes, ponchos and scarfs. There are a range of styles and colours to pick from as well as offering real and faux fur trims on the capes. There is also a selection of wool, cotton and cashmere capes and ponchos which start from £25.


Stall Number 13. Taste of Poland

Taste of Poland is a Polish BBQ stall which sells authentic polish cuisine, with every dish freshly cooked and prepared right in front of you. There is plenty on offer from kielbasa, traditional Polish sausage in hot dogs and kartoffel, Polish roast potatoes with a selection of toppings such as sausage, bacon, onions and fresh herbs. If you’re looking for a particularly hearty dish why not try their fresh winter stew which comes with a range of extras such as white cabbage, sausage, pork and tomatoes. You’ll find this stall outside McDonald’s and prices start from £4 for a large dish.

Taste of Poland

Stall Number 14. German Beer Barrel

The German Beer Barrel is the first watering hole on the Christmas Markets trail, this barrel shaped stall is here to warm your cockles with some festive drinks. Choose from spiced mulled wine or spiced cider to warm you up as shop. There are a number of standing bars where you can watch the world go by without getting wet.

German Beer Barrel

Stall Number 15. Sheepskin wool

This cosy stall sells a number of sheepskin wool boot slippers & rugs, ensuring your home and feet are kept warm during the winter months. The slippers are 100% natural sheepskin wool and come from Poland, most of the slippers are handmade ensuring they fit perfectly and are made to the highest quality. The fluffy rugs are reasonably priced at £60 and provide a stylish yet cosy addition to any room.

Sheepskin Wool

Stall Number 16. Julia Margaret Accessories

Julia Margaret Accessories is a fashionable clothing store which heads towards the UK’s biggest Christmas Tree on Paradise Street. There are a number of stylish faux fur bobble hats which come in a number of colours and in real and faux fur. There are also a number of beautiful pashmina scarfs which come in a wide rage of colours and patterns making them wonderful gifts. There is also a small selection of real fur hats and leather bags at fantastic prices.

Julia Margaret Accessories

Stall Number 17. German Swing Grill 

There are two Bratwurst swing grills in the Christmas markets, this one on Paradise Street leads towards the heart-covered Christmas Tree and is located just outside of the Halifax bank. On an open German swing grill, you can get a number of German sausages in buns or currywurst which is a sausage dish in itself and comes with pickled cabbage. There is also hot mulled wine and a number of soft drinks available.

German Swing Grill

Stall Number 18. Lancashire Candles

Stimulate your sense with this Lancashire Candles stall, you won’t be able to miss the brightly coloured stall filled with handmade candles of all different shapes, sizes and smells. Scents range from Christmas Day to Tangerine Dream and Very Cherry, ensuring you find the perfect smell for everyone. Lancashire Candles make for perfect stocking fillers as a gift or can even be bought for the home by candle enthusiasts.

Lancashire candles

Stall Number 19. Pick n’ Mix

You can’t go wrong with a good Pick ‘n’ Mix, and the stall at this year’s Christmas Markets is hugely self indulgent. From classic sweets to the more unusual, you can make a personal bag that is just right for you. Be careful though because you are paying by weight, which can be dangerous when you love jelly snakes and gobstoppers. There is also a wide selection of chocolate sweets and fudge on offer.

Pick n' Mix

Stall Number 20. Brenda’s Sui Mai

Brenda’s Sui Mai is a traditional sui mai stall selling exactly what is says on the tin. Brenda’s Sui Mai has been established in Liverpool for over 20 years, specialising in traditional Chinese food. The store sells products such as Pork Siu Mai, Chicken and Bacon Siu Mai, Pork Won Ton and chilli sauce.

Brenda's Sui Mai

Stall Number 21. Meats of the World

If you’re looking to try something new at this year’s Christmas Markets, this stall is sure to provide you with something you’ve never had before. Meats of the World is one of this year’s more unusual stalls, offering a range of unconventional burger meats. Unusual meats on offer include kangaroo, buffalo, wild boar, zebra and crocodile, to name a few. Burgers start at £4 and are perfect to eat as you’re exploring the rest of the markets, taking in the sights of the Christmas Tree which is located at the top of Church Street.

Meats of the World

Stall Number 22. The Bavarian Bar

The Bavarian Bar is the largest bar in the Christmas Markets which allows drinkers to sit down inside the bar whilst they enjoy a German larger or spiced hot mulled wine. The Bavarian bar is filled with bench seating that allow drinkers to have a well deserved break after getting half way around the markets.

The Bavarian Bar

Stall Number 23. Hog Almighty

Aptly named Hog Almighty, this stall is perfect for meat lovers who love a good a roast. As you’d imagine, Hog Almighty sells an incredible hog roast and hearty pea & ham soup. You can also get proper stuffing and apple sauce on the side. The delicious meal will set you back £4 or £5 for a large, and is guaranteed to fill and warm you as you make you way around the rest of the markets.

Hog Almighty

Stall Number 24. Little China Noodle Bar Express

If you’re looking for something quick & easy, why not have a pit stop at Noodle Bar Express which is located outside Dorothy Perkins on Church Street. Selling boxes of noodles and fried rice, there is something for everyone. In the boxes of noodles or rice you can choose from a range of flavours including: chicken, beef, vegetables, meatballs, sweet and sour and curry.

Little China Noodle Bar Express

Stall Number 25. The Great British Cheese Company

If you’ve got a friend or family member who is a foodie or just a cheese addict, have a browse of the Great British Cheese Company. The local company sells excellent cheese that has been produced by hand in Cheshire. Their range of flavours vary from classics to the slightly unusual, and include sticky toffee pudding and chilli & lime to the more mysterious, The Drunken Monk and The Flagship. There are also a range of handmade chutneys on offer which complement the different types of cheese. You can buy the cheeses individually or in a hamper which contains four different cheeses, a jar of chutney and a pack of oatcakes.

The Great British Cheese Company

Stall Number 26. The Skipton Chocolate Box

The most indulgent stall this year! The Skipton Chocolate Box is a chocolate lovers’ dream, from the best brownies you’ve ever tasted to Curly Wurly and Kinder chocolate muffins you’ll find something to indulge in. There is also a range of marshmallow chocolate kebabs and sweet packets, which make perfect gifts over the Christmas period. The showstopper brownies deserve their very own stall but make sure you’re quick, as this is one of the busiest stalls in the markets. You can see the traders making the sweet treats right in front of you so you know it’s fresh.

The Skipton Chocolate Box

Stall Number 27. Crepes

Daniel Olivia Catering is the mastermind behind these world class crepes. Accompanied by great banter from the owner you can choose any topping you like from Nutella and banana to classic lemon and sugar. We promise they’re worth it but be prepared, you may have to queue.


Stall Number 28. Dutch Pancakes, Waffles and Macaroons

Have you ever had Dutch pancakes? If not then you need to try them, the mini pancakes go perfectly with melted chocolate! The sweet stall sells freshly baked waffles, pancakes, macaroons and roasted chestnuts. Pair your treat with fruit, chocolate, lemon or Nutella to make it just right for you. This stall is a great place to grab a quick sweet treat after indulging in a burger or paella from the markets across the road.

Dutch Pancakes, Waffles and Macaroons

Stall Number 29. La Tasca

The Spanish Tapas restaurant has left its home on Queens Square and set up camp at Liverpool’s Christmas Markets. The stall is served by two highly energetic and passionate chefs, who love Spanish cuisine and being on the markets, serving the people of Liverpool and its visitors. There are a few different paella dishes, with fish, vegetables and calamari. Each dish is freshly prepared every day and you can really taste it, pick yourself up a loyalty card to use in the restaurant.

La Tasca

Stall Number 30. Kohler Kusse Chocolate

The Denmark delicacy is unusual to see in Liverpool which makes this stall extra special. Kohler Kusse translates to Chocolate Kisses which sums up their taste. They are chocolate covered marshmallows and come in a range flavours and sizes and taste utterly delicious. The stall is located just outside of Primark on Church Street and make for a perfect snack to have as you walk around or take them home for an after dinner treat.

Kohler Kusse Chocolate

Stall Number 31. Gourmet Grill  

This stall is perfect for those who love traditional Liverpudlian food. This stall sells Scouse, a hearty stew which is filled with lamb or beef and fresh vegetables. The dish is guaranteed to warm you up and put some hairs on your chest. If you’re a visitor to Liverpool, then this is the perfect time to try something new and get a taste of the local delicacy. The stall is also selling garlic mushrooms which are freshly cooked in front of you and are a perfect snack.

Gourmet Grill

Stall Number 32. Jason Jamie’s BBQ Chinese Food

Jason Jamies Oriental Charcoal Grill is ideally situated opposite the Christmas Tree which is at the top of Church Street. The stall which sells BBQ Chinese street food is popular amongst those who are looking for a quick and easy bite to eat, as they’re served in boxes they’re perfect for eating as you carry on browsing the Christmas Markets.

Jason Jamie’s BBQ Chinese Food

Stall Number 33. Cupcakes by Sophia

For cake and cupcake lovers, this is the stall for you. There is a wide variety of different cupcakes from chocolate orange to strawberries and cream, you can buy individual cupcakes or make up your own perfect box. The stall also offers amazing rainbow cake slices and Manchester tart cake. If buying individually, the cupcakes come in their own box to ensure your sweet treat is kept safe.

Cupcakes by Sophia

Stall Number 34. Taste of Spain

The second Spanish stall of this year’s Christmas Markets is Taste of Spain, which serves two types of paella including chicken and seafood. Taste of Spain also sells churros and chocolate which make for a perfect dipping snack. The sugar coated churros are soft and nothing short of delicious, especially when they’re paired with warm, melted chocolate.

Taste of Spain

Stall Number 35. Fudge

This is the ultimate fudge stall on this year’s Christmas markets located just outside of Pound World on Church Street. If you’ve got a parent, gran or friend who loves fudge then this is the stall to buy an extra special gift. The award-winning fudge comes in hundreds of different flavours including coffee, Oreo and mint, as well as the usual plain and chocolate for those who don’t like to experiment. Do remember you’re paying by weight, so the cost can add up if you’re filling a bag right to the top.


Stall Number 36. German Swing Grill 

The second German Swing Grill in this year’s markets is located at the top of Church Street heading towards Bold Street. Selling the same food as the first swing grill, there are numerous delicacies on offer, including famous German sausages such as currywurst and bockwurst, which comes with pickled cabbage if you’re looking to try something new. They also sell mulled wine and a range of soft drinks.

German Swing Grill

Stall Number 37. Rudolph’s Rest

The final bar on the official Christmas Markets trial is Rudolph’s Rest Bar and Grill. Rudolph’s Rest is the prefect place to stop off after a tiring tour around Liverpool’s Christmas Markets. The bar serves a number of German beers and ales along with a festive selection of alcoholic drinks, such as warm spiced cider and hot mulled wine. There is seating both inside and out which is perfect if the weather isn’t great and gives you an opportunity to debunk and plan your next visit.

Rudolph's Rest

Stall Number 38. Pulled Pork & Roast Pork

Before you leave the markets, and if you haven’t filled up enough why not stop by this pulled and roast pork stall for a final bite to eat. The tenderly cooked pork can be put in a bun or eaten alone and accompanied with sage and onions or stuffing and apple sauce.

Pulled Pork and Roast Pork

Although Liverpool One isn’t officially part of the Christmas Markets, there is plenty going on to get you and the kids excited for Christmas. The Christmas light switch on attracted over 8,000 people to the city centre. The tree which is 30 meters tall consists of 240 individual hearts which are lit up all colours throughout the day and night. Underneath is Bar Hüttes, a Swiss styled chalet bar which is filled with 10 individual hüttes which you can reserve and sing some Carole-Oke, hüttes cost £20 to hire for two hours.

On top of Liverpool One in Chavasse Park, there is a mini Winter Wonderland which has loads of fun activities going on including the Ice Festival. There is outdoor ice skating rink, ice slide, ice bar and Après Lodge where you can warm up. If you get peckish after all the fun why not head to the German Swing Grill or get yourself a mulled wine, hot chocolate and a crepe from the outdoor eating area located next to the Après Lodge.

The ice festival and tree will be around until the 3rd of January 2016. The Christmas Markets are a great way to get some unique presents, spend some time with friends and family and get in the festive spirit. Liverpool city centre looks beautiful this time of year and we’re sure you’ll agree. From everyone at Signatures Liverpool, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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