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The Best Paddy’s Day Food and Drink in Liverpool

In honour of St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool, the best bars and restaurants in the city have created some fabulous concoctions to celebrate everything that makes us think of the Irish.

Let us help you really get your teeth sunk into the Paddy’s Day celebrations in Liverpool with our guide to 10 of the best green or Guinness flavoured food and drink in Liverpool.


We all enjoy a fabulous burger, and we know that Free State Kitchen will provide us with that.

For St Patrick’s Day, Free State Kitchen have really pushed the boat out and come up with a cracker.

The Guinness braised onion burger topped with cheddar and white pudding, intended to be washed down with a good old glass of finest stout. The perfect way to fuel up for the long day of celebration ahead.

Bastion Bar and Restaurant

At the Bastion Bar and Restaurant, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a queue forming for their special Paddy’s Day cocktail creations.

The Shamrock Ice Tea is sure to pack a punch especially when it’s chased by a teeny tiny baby Guinness shot thrown in for good measure.

Santa Chuptios

The masters of mayhem at Santa Chupitos have outdone themselves this Paddy’s Day in Liverpool with their Jameson’s $5 shake.

If you’ve never tried a $5 shake then start your journey with this bright green, whipped cream topped tipple.

Other than the staple of Jameson’s Irish whisky we’re not sure what else went into the mix to make it green, but we bet you it’ll taste divine.

The Alchemist

Whether its an end to the perfect meal or the start to a great Paddy’s Day in Liverpool, The Alchemists St Patrick’s Day Chocolate Mousse is pure Paddy’s Day heaven.

Only at The Alchemist can you enjoy a delicious blend of whipping cream, molten dark chocolate, Guinness Anglaise and a Guinness reduction served in a pint of course.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with this decadent chocolate delight created especially for those with a sweet tooth and a taste for Guinness.

Filter and Fox

Liverpool’s dedicated coffee, cocktail and wine bar Filter and Fox are used to supplying their patrons with a selection of the finest beverages in Liverpool.

There is no standard menu at Filter and Fox with an everchanging selection of exceptional quality drinks that change to reflect the seasons.

This weekend their St Patrick’s Day offering is coming in the form of a coffee with clout.

Filter and Fox’s Espresso Martini with a special addition of a traditional Irish spirit Ban Poitin. This blend of malted barley, potatoes and sugar beet packs a real punch of flavour.

Mixed with a strong dose of Filter and Fox’s Espresso, this is a drink that will leave you feeling as spritely as a leprechaun this St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool.

Santa Maluco

For one day only and what a day it’s shaping up to be with Santa Maluco’s celebration pizza made especially for St Patrick’s Day. Meet Paddy the Baddy.

Made by the innovators at the helm of the Santa Maluco kitchen this is a Paddy’s Day Pizza like you’ve never seen or eaten before. That is if you’ve ever even seen another!

The delicious Guinness pizza dough base is topped with beef, cabbage, potato and red Leicester.

Especially for St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool Santa Maluco have created the ultimate late night snack, which comes complete with a complimentary shot of whisky.

The pizza experience doesn’t get more Irish than this.

Lucha Libre

Famous for blending cultures seamlessly, the team at Lucha Libre have gone and done it yet again in celebration of St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool.

This time they’ve turned their talents to drinks and made an addition to their menu to suit the occasion. Welcome ‘El Arpa’.

A delicious cocktail that honours the rich heritage of both Ireland and Mexico all in one glass.

Expect flavour combinations of Guinness and Jameson’s Whisky complimented by the nutty creaminess of Horchata and a slight floral hint of hibiscus to top it all off.

Ireland meets Mexico at Lucha Libre this St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool.

Meet Frank

Going to see a man about a dog?

Then go see Meet Frank at Ghetto Golf this Paddy’s Day in Liverpool where he’ll be serving up a St Patrick’s Day special.

A whole 8” smoked dog topped with Jameson’s whisky braised onions, cheesy Colcannon mash, craic bacon and a can’t-get-much-greener spinach and parsley sauce.

It’s safe to say that this is what would be found at the other end of the rainbow, not a stinking pot of gold.


Whilst you’re in Liverpool celebrating St Patrick’s day this year be sure to pay a call to these innovators of food and drink. Every one them enjoy putting their own unique spin on a national day, honouring the spirit, fun and frivolity of St Patrick’s Day.


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