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Shipwreck - River Festival Liverpool

What’s On: The River Festival Liverpool & The Bordeaux Wine Festival

Another amazing festival is coming to Liverpool at the start of June and we’ve got a round-up of all the best and most exciting things to do during the River Festival and The Bordeaux Wine Festival.

Check out what to see and where to be during this exciting weekend that starts off a summer of festivals in Liverpool in style.

The World in the City

Some say Liverpool is the centre of the earth and now the earth is at the centre of Liverpool.

Part of the upcoming River Festival sees, Gaia – the personification of the earth, displayed in the Liverpool Cathedral. Artist Luke Jerram has paired his vision with a stunning soundtrack made by award-winning composer Dan Jones, giving the entire display another sensory dimension.

Gaia - River Festival Liverpool

The piece, a 23-foot globe, is covered in imagery gathered by NASA of the earth’s surface. The installation ties in with the theme of the River Festival, this year focusing on the city’s port and its historic ties to world culture, art music, food and drink.

To see Gaia in all its glory, check out timetables on Liverpool Cathedral’s website, to make sure you get the best possible view of this iconic artwork.

A Splash of Hollywood Glitz and Glamour

The World Heritage Waterfront will become a stage in itself during the River Festival, as House of Suarez brings the golden age of Hollywood to Liverpool in their On The Town performance.

House of Suarez - River Festival Lliverpool

The super stylish, and seriously talented dancers of House of Suarez will put on a spectacular show, highlighting the stars of the silver screen and Hollywood’s finest years.

Taking things back to an era of glamour, the dancers will be putting on a sailor themed tap number reminiscent of early maritime movies.

The perfect way to showcase Liverpool’s involvement in the earliest transatlantic travels.

Shipwrecks on Mann Island

Daring stunts and death-defying performers will be flying through the masts and sails of a shipwreck stage on Mann Island.

Shipwreck - River Festival Liverpool

The showcase, commissioned to tell tales of the sea, will use acrobats and aerial dancers, to act out historic life stories of those that sailed the seas, survived shipwrecks and recused others at from the waves.

Of course, Liverpool has links to some of the biggest shipping disasters of all time, including the Titanic among them.

This performance will highlight some of the greatest maritime stories from real life people, those who sailed the seas from the ports of Liverpool throughout history.

From Pier Head to Pier 57

Celebrating the unique relationship that Liverpool has with the Big Apple, a special performance will take place on Pier Head during the River Festival.

Live music from Disco Inferno and Motown Gold will bring soulful groovy vibes to the event, making those in attendance want to get down, get down and boogie.

Pier 57 New York City - River Festival Liverpool
Pier 57 New York City
Pier Head River Festival Liverpool
Pier Head Liverpool

In the earliest years of transatlantic travel, Liverpool was the jumping off point for many an immigrant. Those in search of the American dream would leave the banks of the Mersey behind, looking forward to a better life across the pond.

That and the wealthier among the masses would pass through Liverpool, on grand luxury cruises around Europe, then return to New York where they lived.

From its time as the gateway to the UK, Liverpool’s ports saw the wealthiest and poorest come and go from the Big Apple and all over the world.

These ties will be honoured with a sparkling disco performance on Pier Head at this year’s River Festival.

Three Destination Stages

Taking the best bits from countries tied to Liverpool, Indian, African and Irish music will be played live from one of three ship stages.

These countries have great maritime ties with Liverpool throughout history and, using the respective countries traditional music, the River Festival will celebrate those links.

Albert Dock - River Festival Liverpool

Ireland has long lasting links with Liverpool, with many a Liverpudlian family able to trace their roots back to the country. Through immigration, Liverpool’s Irish community has been a constant presence throughout time.

The city’s ties to Africa relate to the historic slave trade when Liverpool served as a significant cog in the slavery machine. One point on what became known as the Slave Trade Triangle, Liverpool would send ships to Africa in search of slaves, those ships would then sail to America, sell the slaves and return with goods to Liverpool.

Today the African culture is celebrated annually at Africa Oyé, where we remember and honour our links to the country and its traditions.

What Else To Look Forward To?

Alongside all these amazing shows and performances, smaller workshops and demonstrations will be taking place all along the Mersey River.

The Northern Boat Show makes its 5th annual appearance, helping those who want to find ways to explore life on the water.

A beautiful light display is currently underway in which a life-size whale appears to leap from the water, and the Sea Cadets are expected to perform their field gun window ladder as well.

The entire weekend is a feast of river-related festivities and will also play host to the Bordeaux Wine Festival. This year The Bordeaux Wine Festival returns with some exciting live workshops, provided by the biggest names on the UK cuisine scene.

Tickets can be purchased online and include access to hundreds of different wines housed in eight different tents. Everything from the most exquisite sips to the more affordable, daily wines will be on hand to try and test your way through, guided by experts along the way.

The River Festival Liverpool and The Bordeaux Wine Festival will fill your weekend with fun, food, drinks, music, art and culture.

What more could you need to start your summer off in style?


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