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Reasons Why Liverpool is the Kindest City in the UK

Recently Liverpool was voted the kindest city in the UK, winning over the likes of York, Manchester and Aberdeen.

It proved that Liverpudlians are more likely to hold a door open for someone, hold the lift for someone else and help others with heavy shopping bags than any other group of people.

The survey, commissioned by Travelodge for the Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, found a massive 55 per cent of Liverpool residents will perform a random act of kindness. Considering the national average is around the 33 per cent mark, it’s pretty good going!

Of course, we already knew our city was the best and to prove it we’ve put together some reasons why Liverpool is the kindest city in the UK.

It’s a crime to get off the bus without thanking the driver.

Liverpool bus driver

You’ll frequently receive a smile from a stranger.

smile from a stranger
Credit: Fairclough Photography

We do our best to help the homeless in the city.

Kingsway House
Kingsway House

There are fortnightly kitchen pop ups held at the Bombed Out church for people in need.

Roof Liverpool

Scousers love terms of endearment, like love, la and kidda.

The Beatles

When you go on holiday, you’ll always make friends with fellow Scousers.

scousers on holiday

You’ll always receive a barrage of compliments from girls in the nightclub toilets.

kindness in Liverpool
Source: Vogue

Someone will always lend you 20p for the bus home.


The Liverpool Derby is known as the ‘Friendly Derby’.

Friendly derby

On your birthday, you can expect a mountain of gifts, Scousers love buying the perfect present.


We welcome everyone to our city.

Liverpool City

Scousers are always up for a bevvy after work.

After work drinks
Source: HR Grapevine

You’re best mates with your hairdresser, they know your life story.

hairdresser liverpool

You can become an honorary Scouser if we like you, like Bill Shankly!

Bill Shankly

On Blue Monday, free bunches of flowers are left in the street for people to pick up.

Blue Monday flowers Liverpool

In times of need or hardship, the people of our city always stick together and help each other out.

the 96

People will always hold the door for you.

hold the door

And the lift.

lift door

The Sun’s hateful content is banned here.

Ban the Sun

You could write a novel from the funny stories you hear in the back of taxis.

Liverpool taxi

Elderly people and pregnant women are never made to stand on public transport.

Source: Metro

Everyone knows everyone along Lark Lane.

Lark Lane

The city celebrates its independent businesses in a big way!

Independent Liverpool
Source: Independent Liverpool

Lots of the city centre music festivals are free.

kindest city in the UK - africa oye

We hope you’ve enjoyed our reason why Liverpool is the kindest city in the UK and we hope you agree!

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