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The Grapes Knight Street - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook - The Grapes Knight Street

Real Ale Liverpool: A Trail to Discover the Best Craft Beers in the City    

Strictly for real ale lovers only, this is a trail for the best real ale Liverpool has to offer and it isn’t for the faint-hearted. We recommend taking regular water breaks perhaps stopping for a snack or even breaking it up into three-weekend sessions.

Our Liverpool real ale trail will take you off the beaten track and put you firmly back on it, ending with a visit to the newest and most popular social district in town, The Baltic Triangle.

Enjoy folks.

The Ship and Mitre

Address: 133 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2JH

Ship and Mire - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Ship and Mitre

Starting at the start with a real ale pub that’s won pub of the year on numerous occasions, The Ship and Mitre is a longstanding favourite among those who enjoy a perfect pint.

Not contented to serve a large selection of hand pulled and bottled beers from behind the bar, The Ship and Mitre owners venture over the river bi-annually to host the Ship and Mitre Beer Festival.

Also if you fancy a souvenir from this well established joint you can pick up gift boxes or stock up your own selection of quality real ale in their shop, The Ship in a Bottle.

The Dead Crafty Beer Company

Address92 Dale St, Liverpool L2 5TF

Dead Crafty Beer Co. - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Dead Craft Beer Co.

Only a short walk to the next destination on our Liverpool real ale trail and its into the Dead Crafty Beer co.

These guys know there is a beer out there for everyone and make it their mission to bring it to you in simplistic style.

By supporting local Liverpool breweries and beer related events, as well as importing rare and never before chugged bottles and ales from around the globe, Dead Crafty Beer Co. earned the title of Liverpool’s Favourite Bar at the Liverpool Food and Drink awards.

You can even check out local artists work inside their establishment whilst enjoying a pint of pefectly pulleperfectlytion.

The Vernon Arms

Address69 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2HJ

Vernon Arms - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Vernon Arms

There’s nothing quite like stepping inside a real pub, especially when it serves such a range of quality real ales.

You are never short of a choice of regular ales on tap at The Vernon and then the folks at The Vernon go and surprise visitors with guest options from the palest of pale ales to golden crispy goodness.

What’s more, The Vernon often showcases live entertainment in the form of local singers and talented musicians as well as screening the top footy games and sporting events.

Don’t get too comfy though as we’re off to our next stop just a 10-minute walk across town.

Head of Steam

Address85-89 Hanover St, Liverpool L1 3DZ

Head of Steam - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Head of Steam

Time to rest those tired legs and get back on the real ale train at Head of Steam where the catalogue of ales stretches to over 150 and the surroundings are plush and relaxing.

Head of Steam offer excellent beer tasting sessions that will introduce newbies to the world of real ale and for the more seasoned drinkers among you, there’s an Around the World in Beer tasting experience that will broaden your beer-loving horizons.

You might be wondering how much more real ale Liverpool has to offer and we answer . . . loads.

Kazimier Gardens

Address32 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE

Kazimier Gardens - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Kazimier Gardens

Everyone’s favourite outside beer spot and the most quirky place on our journey thus far, Kazimier Gardens is a beer lovers paradise.

There’s rustic, and then there’s Kazimier Gardens where the floor is made from gravel, the tables and chairs are made from old sailboats and crates but the choice of real ale has been carefully selected and crafted to suit the most refined beer experts palette.

Local ales, imported specials and fruity favourites are always on tap and Kazimier Garden promises to deliver the best real ale experience to each and every guest they serve.

Whilst you have been glugging down all this lovely real ale you might have forgotten to fill your tummy with something non-liquid.

Raclette Kazimier Gardens - real ale Liverpool snacks

We think its time for a nibble and it doesn’t get much more munchy than the Kazimier Gardens Raclette covered cheesy chips!

If you can tear yourself away from the gardens (as it is quite a task given the selection, atmosphere and laidback outdoor vibes) we still have a ways to go on our Liverpool real ale trail for you to visit.

Grove Beer Tap and Grill

AddressSeel St, Liverpool L1 4NR

Grove Beer Tap and Grill - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Grove Beer Tap and Grill

Just up the road and down a little side street is where you’ll find our next destination, The Grove Beer Tap and Grill.

This stunning space is light and airy and has a courtyard that’s throwing out some seriously zen vibes, but best of all The Grove Beer Tap and Grill have an exotic, worldly selection of real world ales for everyone to try.

Sporting the tastiest bar snacks in town to perfectly complement their endless choice of tasty real ales makes The Grove Beer Tap and Grill a great addition to our Liverpool real ale trail.

Shipping Forecast

Address15 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BW

Shipping Forecast - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Shipping Forecast

Onward and upward to The Shipping Forecast where you’ll find a trendy stripped back venue waiting to serve you a pint or two from the ever-changing assortment of real ale treats on tap.

From popular favourites like the juiciest of Elvis Juice to lesser-known tipple from the furthest corners of the beer producing globe.

At Shipping Forecast most things will always stay the same like the great atmosphere, great live music and fabulous food, but one thing is guaranteed to change every time you go in and that’s the choice of ales on tap!

It’s different every time.

Brew Dog

AddressManolis Yard, 8 Colquitt Street, Liverpool L1 4DE

Brew Dog Liverpool - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Brew Dog Liverpool

You’re flying through our Liverpool real ale trail and have reached the point of no return, Brew Dog.

Taking over the country one derelict building at a time, The Brew Dog franchise delivers every time when it comes to supplying craft ale connoisseurs with something to whet their whistles.

There are over 30 taps to choose from as well as a fridge stocked full of Brew Dog delicacies, in both can and bottle form, plus you can always treat yourself and your party to a paddle which can have a small one of everything that catches your eye.

Whilst you enjoy your tipple try your hand and some of the vintage arcade games or whip out one of the boxed board games, for a little light entertainment to season your time on our real ale trail of Liverpool.

Salt Dog Slims

Address79 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BB

Salt Dog Slims - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Salt Dog Slims

They say the best things come in small packages and this couldn’t be truer than at Salt Dog Slims where space is tiny but inside is a treasure trove of real ales that will boggle the mind.

In Salt Dogs it’s hard to get a seat but it’s easy to get your hands on a fabulous bevvy and wrap your lips around a tasty hot dog.

What more do you need from your real ale establishments than that?

The Grapes

Address60 Roscoe St, Liverpool L1 9DW

The Grapes Knight Street - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – The Grapes Knight Street

This is a real hidden gem of the city and we’re pleased to share its location with you today.

The Grapes of Knight Street has the feel of a bar that has been pumping pints since the dawn of time. Stripped back wooden floors, sunshine orange walls adorned with colourful artwork give this real ale establishment a trendy boho feel.

What really makes this place special is the multitude of marvellous beers behind the bar to choose from, not to mention the diverse section of clientele.

Everyone from seasoned locals who have called The Grapes home for years, to students who live in the area during school time and others who have stumbled upon this den of delight by mistake will return time and time again to be surprised by which beers will pop up on the counter each and every time they visit.

🚕 🚶‍♂️Quick cab or a short walk across the city 🚕 🚶‍♂️

Black Lodge Brewery

Address4 Kitchen St, Liverpool L1 0AN

Black Lodge Brewery - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Black Lodge Brewery

You cant give up now your just getting to the best bits of our Liverpool real ale trail at Black Lodge Brewery.

This is a one of a kind beer lovers find, tucked into one of the many warehouses that are now being transformed into Liverpool’s most popular social spaces.

When you arrive you are confronted by a wall of gleaming white tile devoid of marketing ploys, brands and colour. You are given everything you need to make an informed decision which is the name of the beer you want the strength of said beer and how much it will take from your pocket.

You can opt for a Tap Room Taster which includes a welcome bevvy, then 5 more beers pulled from the current selection and some delicious nibbles of cured meats and cheeses to keep you nourished along the way.

Or just pick your favourite pint and roll with it.


Address: 15 Caryl Street Liverpool L8 5AA

Gibberish - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Gibberish

Named after the pretentiousness surrounding the current popularity of craft al0 talk.

Is it craft ale, real ale, cask ale or beer?” . . . hint, hint no one cares just sup your pint and enjoy the flavours.

At Gibberish, there’s always something new, weird and wonderful on the menu such as the above pictured Peanut Butter Jelly Stout as well as some good old local favourites like Penny Lane Pale ale.

No matter what you’ll get a real ale education at Gibberish, with what you drink, not with words.

Peaky Blinders

AddressCains Brewery Village, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ

Peaky Blinders - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Peaky Blinders

Now one of Liverpool’s most popular bar attractions, The Peaky Blinders Bar is a real wonder to behold.

Starting with the staff and actors wandering the joint dressed as the gang themselves and ending with the amazing selection of themed ales to match their surroundings.

Pick up a pint of Sadlers Red or Black IPA and soak up some of that oldy-worldly atmosphere that has made both the bar and the TV show such a massive hit.

The Tank Room

AddressCains Brewery Village Stanhope Street, Liverpool L8 5XJ
Tank Rooms - real ale Liverpool
source: Facebook – Tank Room

A hop, skip and a jump next door and you’ll find yourselves in the old converted tank room of Cains Brewery which has been aptly named The Tank Room.

Everything from live DJ’s, local bands and sports screenings can be found inside what once was the room where Cains beer was fermented.

There’s a massive choice of bottled and canned craft ales as well as a few on tap treats too.

Craft Minded

AddressCain’s Brewery Village, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ

Last on our Liverpool real ale trail is Craft Minded.

Think of an Aladdin’s cave of craft ales stocked into huge fridges and served from floating numbered taps.

The expertly converted space was once the old boiler room of Cains Brewery and Craft Minded has given a new lease of life to the neglected building whilst retaining many of the original features.

Lending itself well to indoor and outdoor drinking, and with the good stuff flowing from the regularly changing six taps stocked by local Liverpool breweries, Craft Minded is a great destination to spend the rest of your evening.

If you have managed to make it to every one of our destinations then you will have sampled all of the best real ale Liverpool and the world have to offer and don’t worry if you missed a few never mind just try them out on your next visit.

We are so much more than craft ale at Signatures Liverpool and also have guides to the best gin, whiskey and cocktail bars in Liverpool to check out too.

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