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Cake Shop - best bakeries in Liverpool
source: Cake Shop Facebook

Liverpool’s Own Star Bakers: The Best Bakeries in Liverpool

Every Tuesday the team at Signatures Liverpool are rushing home to tune into the tastiest show on TV; The Great British Bake Off. The talent inside the tent this year is astonishing with Mr Hollywood himself praising contestants for their work so far.

After watching the latest instalment of GBBO we are all craving baked goods the next day in the office. Luckily working in the city centre gives us access to the best bakeries in Liverpool so we can get our cakey fix.

Check out the best bakeries in Liverpool and some of the tasty treats they whip up every day.

BonBon Bakery

Where: Berry Street

source: Pies and Fries

A hidden gem in the heart of the city, BonBon Chinese bakery provides exquisite bitesize eastern delicacies.

Choose from the favourite Char Sui buns stuffed with mouth-watering Chinese style pork or grab yourself a Chinese egg custard tart, lighter than air with a melt in your mouth flaky pastry case.

Each perfectly formed pastry sells for under £2 so you can fill a box with your selection and not even break a £10.

Italian Club Bakery

Where: Newington

source: Italian club bakery Facebook

No matter what week it is on Bake Off the folk at Italian Club Bakery would be crowned star baker every time.

The delicious creations that leave the kitchen each day range from the crispiest biscotti to the softest focaccia and everything in between all created with “love and Italian style baking” at their core.

Better still, the Italian Club Bakery runs regular competitions on Facebook giving us all the chance to be in with winning one of their marvellous millefoglie, baskets of biscotti or cleverly customised cakes.

A taste of Italy from the city centre of Liverpool.

Artisan Bakery

Where: Bold Street

From Italy to France, Bold Street is a smorgasbord of the world’s greatest pastry providers.

At Artisane there are shelves of coloured macarons, glistening Tarte Tatin, the prettiest patisserie you’ve ever laid eyes on.

They don’t stop with sweets either, you can always pop in on your lunch hour and pick up a gourmet sausage roll or a melted cheese open toastie. The choice is yours.


Where: Nelson Street

source: Bagelry Facebook

We love a good technical challenge on GBBO, and whose mind was blown when you saw how bagels were made!

Boiling bread before baking it seems ludacris but the result of a well-baked bagel is heaven.

At Bagelry the team bring a wide variety of the ring-shaped delights to diners prepared in the traditional Jewish style, Americanised versions as well as their own gastronomic concoctions.

Enjoy sweeter than sweet chocolate orange flavoured bagels or go for a classic like a smoked salmon and cream cheese, there’s even the controversial Marmite bagel.

Love or hate it’s still a thing.

The Wild Loaf

Where: Hardman Street

source: Wild Loaf Facebook

Supplying freshly baked goods to the most popular eateries in the city as well as operating a charming café of their own, Wild Loaf are among our favourite bakeries in Liverpool.

Not only do they have a reputation for making top-notch sourdough bread but their uniquely flavoured doughnuts bring in crowds from far and wide.

Try anything from Cheesecake filled doughnut, freshly baked cinnamon rings and the refreshing yet flavoursome Lemon and pecan creations.

This is baking at its best.

East Avenue Bakehouse

Where: Bold Street

source: East Ave Bakehouse Facebook

Back on Bold Street and this time in a bakery that specialises in promoting locally sourced produce as well as creating their own bready goodness.

On top of a wide menu of great dishes, there are some real gems of baking skill including artisan bread, dainty macarons and fluffy meringue.

You could eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at East Avenue bakehouse although we reckon we’d have to wheel you home.

Cuthberts Bakery

Where: Mount Pleasant

source: Cuthberts Bakery Facebook

A literal cake lovers haven Cuthbert’s Bakery experiment with flavour and push the boundaries of classic baking.

Their menu is made up of fabulous flavour combinations brought to life by skilled owners Matthew and Elaine Price who have taken inspiration from their own global travels.

Cuthbert’s have even enjoyed international success supplying the US with their Baby Cakes creations, baby friendly mini versions of their most popular desserts.

Diners can enjoy a selection of classic recipes including the signature Red Velvet, gooey brownies, crunchy tiffin or variety of dietary tailored afternoon teas.

Is there anything Cuthberts can’t do? We’ve yet to find out.

Paolo & Donato’s Italian Deli

Where: Williamson Square

source: P&D Deli Facebook

It’s Italian tradition to take time enjoying your food, savouring every bite in a relaxing environment, watching the world go by. At Paolo and Donato’s Italian Deli a taste of southern Italian cuisine makes its way into the hungry mouths of diners every day.

The deli’s window display features homemade patisserie including stacks of fruit macarons, cream-filled cannoli and of the most impressive display of traditional tiramisu’s.

Every piece of patisserie is created using traditional Italian supplies that have been carefully selected by the owners to deliver a real taste of Italy.

The result, Bellissimo!

The Cake Shop

Where: Central Train Station

source: Cake Shop Facebook

A feast for the eyes and the palette The Cake Shop’s showstopper pieces are enough to halt passers-by gazing through the windows of this cake filled paradise to be treated with visions of cake decorating excellence.

The team can be watched hard at work putting finishing touches on themed cakes for any occasion and the wedding cakes on permanent display are nothing short of breathtaking.

Or you can drop in and pick up a handheld delight in the form or an impeccably iced cupcake in a variety of lip licking flavours.

Try and walk by without looking in . . . We bet you can’t.

M. Ray’s Bakery

Where: Allerton Road

source: M.Ray’s Facebook

Right next door to Liverpool born franchise baker Sayers lies a traditional craft baker that’s been baking off since 1924.

Starting the day at 4 am each morning the team at M. Ray’s begin filling their ovens with all manner of bakeable delights.

Every baked good imaginable is created from dawn till dusk.

Beginning with pastries of all shapes and sizes, from fruit tarts to sausage rolls, moving onto fresh bread and finally traditional sponge cakes. There’s even an entire department dedicated to intricately icing made to order celebration cakes and individual custom cupcakes.

There’s no stopping the bakers at M.Ray’s they’ve got their timing down to a tea after nearly 100 years of practice.

Just The Cup Cake Co.

Where: Abbeystead Road

source: Just the Cupcake Co

Imagine your dream cupcake . . . have you got it?

If so take your idea to Just the Cupcake Co and let them make your cake fantasies a reality. Bakers at Just the Cupcake Co are tasked daily with making the most unique and originally designed cupcakes imaginable for any and every occasion.

Bakers at Just the Cupcake Co are tasked daily with making the most unique and originally designed cupcakes imaginable for any and every occasion.

Not only do they have to look good but they’ll taste like heaven too.

Think of cupcakes topped with your fave childhood biscuit the Jammy Dodger or a chocolate cake covered in whole chocolate bars.

There are tonnes of examples of the team’s great work on their Facebook page with everything from Bieber themed munchies to towers of handcrafted cakey creations.

Start inventing up your own amazing concoction and take your ideas to Just the Cupcake Co to make your cupcake dreams come true.

Dafna’s Cheese Cake Factory

Where: Smithdown Road

source: Dafna’s Facebook

There’s nothing quite like the perfectly baked cheesecake and at Dafna’s you can take your pick from ten exclusive flavours.

The speciality cheesecake is just the tip of the iceberg as Daphna’s has taken it upon themselves to create an extensive list of cakes for every dietary requirement. In their mind, everybody should be able to experience the joy of cake and at Daphna’s everyone can.

Their selection boxes can include a slice of every cake that tickles your fancy. This could be a problem for those of us who simply can’t say no to a slice of cake . . . or two.

Terry Tang Designer Cakes

Where: Picton Road

We all love a good designer brand in Liverpool even when it comes to our cakes.

The go-to brand and designer for the most stylishly prepared bake has to be Terry Tang and his designer cake emporium.

The walls are filled with showstoppers that would put even the most memorable contestant from GBBO to shame, and his talent doesn’t end with creative cake decor, oh no.

The flavour combinations of Mr Tang’s cupcakes are sensational and each one looks like a mouthwatering piece of bakery perfection.

There are three tiers of fabulous flavours to choose from including £1 wonders like Vanilla Sprinkles or Lemon Zest, up one level to £1.25 and you have Carrot Cake and Red Velvet and the top tier of luxury baked goodies for £1.50 include Banoffee, Nutella and Toffee Crisp.

OK you can stop drooling now!

L’Oven cake

Where: Smithdown Road

At L’Oven cake everything tastes as good as it looks and boy does it all look good.

Pretty pink piniata cupcakes!!In store and to order now

Posted by L'Oven Cake on Freitag, 4. August 2017

Their themed celebration cakes run from kids TV-themed specials to adult birthday masterpieces. L’Oven Cake is open to new and exciting concepts offering to create very specific cake requirements for each of their clients.

Their multilingual, multicultural approach to baking for their customers fits in perfectly with Liverpool’s dynamic cultural landscape they have whipped up delicious cakes for people celebrating bar mitzvah’s or cakey creations with intricate mehndi designs.

Challenge L’Oven Cake to cater to your next special celebration, no matter what the occasion they’ll come up with a cake that’s perfect for you.

No soggy bottoms on this lot!

With all this amazing baking talent right here in the city centre and something to tickle everybody’s, Fondant Fancy.

During GBBO stock up on a variety of bakey goodness from anyone of the best bakeries in Liverpool.

Check out the best bakes from Liverpool’s star bakers right here then go and stock up on bakey goodness for the rest of Great British Bake Off 2017.

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