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Liverpool tours

Liverpool Tours: Alternative Ways to See the City

In Liverpool, there is so much to see and so much to do, it can be hard to find time to delve into all that the city has to offer. Thankfully, there are guided Liverpool tours for everyone! So whether you’re a football fanatic or a history nut, there is definitely an expert guide waiting to help you discover the secrets of the city.

If you’re visiting the city for just a few days, thinking about migrating to the best city in the world or even if you’re a true Scouser, there is always something new to discover. Who knows, you may even unearth some secrets you never knew before.

Beatles Tours

The Beatles are a massive part of Liverpool history and people come from far and wide to see where it all began. As the leaders of a musical revolution back in the 60s and unrivalled success around the world, The Beatles are firmly cemented in history as legends of music. With all the boys hailing from our fair city, they’ve become synonymous with everything Scouse – and we couldn’t be prouder!

You can’t visit Liverpool without embarking on a Beatles tour, learn the history, the background and the iconic locations. With some local knowledge added in, even the most dedicated Beatles fans may learn something new!

Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour

Liverpool tours

Taxi drivers know the city like the back of their hands, so they are the perfect people to take you on a tour of the city’s rich musical heritage! Each driver gives an individual tour for guests, sharing their stories and local knowledge to create an all-round memorable trip. Beatles fan or not, this tour is essential for any Liverpool visit with plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

If you think you know everything there is to know about the Beatles, you may be surprised what the drivers can tell you!

Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Liverpool tours

Step aboard the colourful Magical Mystery Tour bus for a fascinating two-hour tour of Beatles Liverpool. This tour will take you to the Beatles childhood homes, schools and colleges and allows you to explore some of the places that inspired some of their most memorable songs.

The tour finishes at the legendary Cavern Club, where you can enjoy a drink and live music every afternoon from the resident bands and continue immersing yourself in Beatles culture!

Historical Tours

Liverpool is undeniably an important city in the history of the country. Whether that be our reputation as a key port with our famous docks, our war time efforts or the characters that were spawned on our streets.

There is a wealth of history hidden down the cobbled streets and in the very walls of the buildings that make the iconic skyline. Take a look at some of our favourite tours if you want to step back in time for Liverpool tours through history.

Mersey Tunnel Tours

Liverpool tours

Go underground and discover a completely different level of Liverpool history. The Mersey Tunnel Tour lets you explore Queensway Tunnel which has been connecting Liverpool and Birkenhead for over 80 years. This tour is interesting for all the family with a glimpse into the original control room, a view of the giant ventilation fans in action and a chance to go down and watch the traffic in the tunnel.

You’ll also find out which Hollywood movies these iconic tunnels have featured in and find out all about why they are unique. Tickets for this tour are just £6 and is the perfect Liverpool tour for tourists and locals alike!

Old Docks Tour

Liverpool tours

Below the hustle and bustle of Liverpool One sits a revolutionary part of Liverpool’s history, which visitors can explore for free.

Starting at the Maritime Museum, visitors can go under Liverpool One to see the Old Docks; which were only discovered in 2001 and have been carefully preserved. For the first time in centuries the bed of the Pool (the creek that gave Liverpool its name) can be seen, it’s an interesting glimpse into the origin of Liverpool and is a spine tingling atmosphere for Liverpool history fans.

We think this tour is a hidden gem which gives visitors a chance to explore Liverpool’s illustrious maritime history.


shiverpool fathers day

Don’t follow this tour if you’re easily scared! This multi award winning tour will take you around the dark side of Liverpool, sharing ghost stories and exploring the city’s most famous locations; revealing their hidden histories and mysteries!

The tour is great for parties and groups, the theatrical spirit guides help to make a walk around the city fun and entertaining while Liverpool’s most haunted places will definitely make your hair stand on edge.

This is definitely one to check out, even boasting the title of ‘Best Guided Tour 2017‘.

Williamson Tunnels

Liverpool tours

Another historical find under the streets of Liverpool, this labyrinth of tunnels provides an insight into the fascinating underground world created by Joseph Williamson in the early 19th Century. This guided tour will show you around the tunnels and teach you all about the life of the eccentric character through exhibitions.

The reason for their creation is still shrouded in mystery, fascinating historians and the people of Liverpool since their discovery.

Exploration Tours

It’s hard to see all of Liverpool at once, especially if you’re only visiting for a few days – there’s just too much to see!

As lovely as a nice stroll through the streets or one of our beautiful parks is, if you want to get the most out of your stay, the best way to see everything is to take to the road with one of these Liverpool tours.

Liverpool Cycle Tours

If you fancy something a bit different then try a guided cycling tour! You’ll have the chance to see all the sights including the Beatles, city centre, beautiful parks, sea fronts and more from a completely different perspective.

Don’t worry about not being able to keep up, the tour goes at your own pace with the aim of leaving visitors with fond memories of their travels to Liverpool. This tour is filled with fun facts and interesting anecdotes about Liverpool and is a great way to see all the sights in a different way.

Silent Adventures Liverpool

Silent Adventures Liverpool is one of the most wacky and wonderful tours of Liverpool, encouraging everyone and anyone to get involved. You can join in with the madness as you experience the walking silent disco, flash mob and rhythmic riot roaming around Liverpool city centre.

If you’ve been to a silent disco before, you’ll know how much fun it is as an experience. And the best part is that its all been made mobile! You’ll be encouraged to let your inhibitions go and showcase your best dance moves as your group explore the most striking sights in the city.

This immersive experience features carefully chosen song choices for each area of the city. This tour is guaranteed to help you loosen up and soak up the best of Liverpool’s streets and landmarks with the ultimate soundtrack.

City Explorer Liverpool

Liverpool tours

If you want to see everything Liverpool has to offer at your own pace, board one the iconic double decker buses that cruise the streets. Simply buy a ticket from either the driver or from an official kiosk and hop on and off the bus whenever you want to. With tickets valid for 24 hours you can easily see all of the 14 attractions this bus takes you to while soaking in the atmosphere and beautiful architecture Liverpool has to offer.

The bus has a qualified local tour guide onboard giving you a running commentary and telling you everything you need to know about this fabulous city. There is also an option to extend your ticket to take a trip on the Mersey Ferries so you can explore the city from the water, or even to go up to the top of the Liverpool Cathedral! There are plenty of options to personalise this tour and this is a great way to see more of the city if you only have a short stay in Liverpool.

Football Tours

Liverpool has a long footballing history; with two major clubs and world-renowned legends calling the city home over the years. These tours are an absolute must for avid football followers, but can also be enjoyed if football isn’t your thing.

Shankly Family Experience Tours

Liverpool tours

Football fans should not miss this. Whatever your team is, you’ll love getting such a unique insight into the city that Bill Shankly loved, from the people who knew him best; his family. This tour offers bespoke tours focussed around football, The Beatles and more; they are carefully crafted to suit your own personal interests showcasing everything Liverpool has to offer.

Football fans will love seeing all the landmarks in footballing history and how two of the biggest names in football were created. If football isn’t your thing, tour guides will take you to whatever you would like to see and create a tour based on your needs!

Anfield Stadium Tour

Liverpool tours

The tour has recently been updated to include the brand-new stand, with the museum now housing the Steven Gerrard Collection containing his personal collection of footballing memorabilia. This is the tour to take for football fans, with packages available so visitors can meet with Liverpool legends and enjoy meals in the Boot Room Sports Café.

As part of the new guided tour, there’s a chance for fans to get an inside look at some of the never before seen areas of the stand, along with guides sharing unique stories and insights into the club’s history. This tour is not to be missed when visiting Liverpool!

There is so much to do in Liverpool and you’re spoilt for choice for ways to see the city. One thing’s for sure, after a day of exploring the city you’ll need a nice hearty meal to refuel. Why not take a look at some of the best Sunday Roasts in Liverpool and end your weekend with a treat.

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