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Celebrate Global Scouse Day 2019 in Liverpool

Those who have been raised in Liverpool have become accustomed to the aroma of delicious scouse at tea time.

For some, it is a time-honoured tradition with some secret recipes passed down from family to family.

This year, for Global Scouse Day, why don’t you cook up your own batch of delicious scouse or choose a superb scouse restaurant to devour a bowl or two. And oh, don’t scrimp on the crusty bread.

The History of Scouse

Global Scouse Day

The word “scouse” was first recorded in 1840 and the word “lobscouse,” which means to bubble, dates back even further to 1707.

This rustic stew that took Liverpool by storm is rooted in the city’s maritime past.

Sailors would combine chunks of lamb or beef with lumps of potato in a salty broth; the result was a hearty meal for the numerous boatmen on board. An ideal way to keep those essential food staples in place when away at sea.

Scouse made its way to shore by way of Liverpool’s busy seaports and was then immediately adopted as our trademark dish.

Simple to make but impossible to master, Scouse is now a household favourite across Liverpool.

How Do You Eat Yours?

National Scouse Day
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The eternal question when it comes to scouse which has divided more households than the Merseyside Derby: Red savoy or sliced beetroot? Otherwise, the components tend to remain the same.

This year, on Global Scouse Day, almost every restaurant is certain to have Liverpool’s most traditional dish on their menus.

Where and When?

Global Scouse Day is February 28, so there’s your tea sorted for that day at least.

Maybe you have the most talented cook in your very own kitchen or perhaps you need to leave in search of wonderful scouse. Trust us, you won’t be short of options

Head to either of the Ma’s for Global Scouse Day this year and you won’t be disappointed. Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery, for example, is sure to sort you out with some superb scouse this February.

Choose from “Proper scouse” – accompanied by an enormous crusty cob – at one of Liverpool’s oldest pubs or, for a rather more opulent option, head down to Hope Street for Global Scouse Day.

Global Scouse Day
Source: Ma Boyle’s Alehouse and Eatery

The Shankly Hotel is also the ideal place for a hot bowl of scouse this February. Prepare for copious amounts of crusty bread and succulent meat to devour. And what could be more scouse than a hotel named after Liverpool’s icon leader. Extra scouse points there.

Not to shy away from the celebrations, Liverpool’s menu of vibrant Indian restaurants is to provide their own take on the classic scouse dish. Be ready to substitute your crusty cob for a naan bread, for what is sure to be a delicious treat.

We cannot wait to see Santa Maluco’s attempt at a scouse pizza. The South American restaurant, famous for their unusual culinary combinations, are certain to take scouse to a whole new level; while Luche Libre’s union of the traditional Mexican taco and our sacred scouse is sure to be one to remember come February. On Global Scouse Day, Luche Libre are to combine two wholesome favourites from opposite ends of the world in one delicious dish: behold, The Scouse Taco.

Global Scouse Day
Source: Mowgli

Travel back in time and devour your scouse in the vein of the sailors who invented it. Dine on the waterfront from rustic bowls surrounded by maritime memorabilia and celebrate National Scouse Day in style.

We also can’t wait to taste a Japanese version of our stupendous stew. An ideal way to combine scouse with traditional Japanese soul food. Your taste buds are in for a treat.

Global Scouse Day
Source: Maray

Last year, the team down at Maray served up bowls of special scouse to those who needed it most. Maray teamed up with The Whitechapel Centre and not only served the homeless with warm bowlfuls of Liverpool’s trademark dish, but they also captured the city’s communal spirit.

We are always amazed at the force of food and its power to reunite people. Indeed, Global Scouse Day helps us celebrate a time-honoured, traditional dish as one wonderful city.

With National Pie Week in the not so distant future, Cow have produced a Scouse Pie. We mean, how northern can you be.

And last but not least, the masterminds down at Free State Kitchen have created a colossal meal complete with controversial beetroot in celebration of Global Souse Day.

Spectacular Event in Sefton Park

Global Scouse Day
Source: Sefton Park

Global Scouse Day is about to take one of Liverpool’s most loved parks by storm. The event is set to feature music, local delicacies, entertainment and, of course, scouse. And the best part? it is completely free to attend.

The scouse celebrations take place in the beautiful, Grade II listed Palm House in the centre of Sefton Park.

“Global Scouse Day at Sefton Park Palm House is an event for the whole community to come and enjoy local music, food, drink and nice company under the Palm House roof” said Kate Martinez, Visitor Experience Manager.

In celebration of the iconic Liverpool staple, visitors at the Palm House can explore and taste a number of scouse treats. One of which is renowned Liverpool artists Marc Kenny, Jade Thunder and Redhouse are paying tribute to everyone from The Beatles to The La’s.

Sefton Park Palm House is the place to be this Global Scouse Day. Don’t miss out.

Global Scouse Day 2019

As always, anyone and everyone are invited to join in and celebrate Global Scouse Day. It wouldn’t be a scouse celebration otherwise.

From a bowl of homemade stew crafted in your own kitchen to any of the superb restaurants on our countdown, wherever you are this Global Scouse Day, make sure you enjoy it.

There’s even a poem dedicated to scouse. The verse includes the lines: “In every greasy spoon, every gastronomic venue/ Today’s a day to celebrate, for scouse is on the menu.” We couldn’t agree more.

So, there it is. Our guide to Global Scouse Day in Liverpool. Do you think we’ve missed any out? Let us know over on our Facebook Page.

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