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Dogs of Liverpool You Need To Be Following

You may think Instagram is just a place for pictures of your lunch, sunsets and hipsters. But really, Instagram is a dog’s world.

It’s the perfect platform to get daily updates about a dog’s day and watch their journey from pups to fully grown doggos.

From famous doggies with massive followings to the more obscure pooches woofing under the radar, we’ve rounded up our favourite dogs of Liverpool that you need to be following.

So, dog lovers unite and have a scroll through all the cute canine’s our great city is home to.

Cockapoo Marley


Type of doggie: Cockapoo

Follow for: Regular photo shoots, dress up time, general cuteness

The undisputed top dog in our list of dogs of Liverpool you need to be following, is superstar Cockapoo Marley.

A self confessed part-time model and full-time rascal, Marley has stolen the heart of many a dog lover in Liverpool.

With over 15k followers, Marley is insta-famous and proud.

Plus, his human is very good at catching his good side and photo-shopping him into hilarious situations.



Type of doggie: Miniature dachshund

Follow for: Sass, the life of a doberman, doggie meet ups

The tiny star of Liverpool, Pedro is a born and bred Scouser with very short legs.

A fan of friend meet ups, park days and chasing balls, this little dachshund is sure to brighten your day.

He also likes to nap in the sun and look lovingly into the camera lense, so expect lots of gorgeous pics of him relaxing and being very cute.

Jasper the Cav


Type of doggie: Bleinham Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Follow for: Dog fashion, cute close ups and adventures in the city

Jasper is a 7-year old cavalier who has a nose for fashion and loves exploring our amazing city.

Rescued by his owner, he lives in Liverpool and is always out and about, getting snapped in front of famous landmarks.

He’s even got his own mulit-coloured pram, so when his little legs get tired, he can be pushed around like a king.

Rosie The Red Toy Poodle


Type of doggie: Red toy poodle

Follow for: Lots of smiles, walkies and playfulness

Born last year, little Rosie is one of the smiliest dogs on our list.

She may be small but she has a big personality and especially likes getting dressed up in various cute costumes.

We love Rosie!



Type of doggie: Lhasa Apso

Follow for: Excellent fancy dress, lots of barking and doggie stylin’

Cookie didn’t choose the crab life, the crab life chose him.

This little pup is just 6 month old, he loves to eat socks, toilet rolls and his mummy’s homemade treats.

Life is a catwalk for Cookie, so expect lots of doggie fashion and a bow tie or two!



Type of doggie: Welsh Cardigan Corgi

Follow for: Big ears, good backdrops and little legs

A relatively new member of the dogs of Liverpool instagram family, Carrie is a beautiful corgi, born and bred in Liverpool.

Her favourite place to hang out is on the waterfront, taking in the Three Graces and feeling the Mersey breeze in her fur.

We’re sure she’ll have many more pics up soon.



Type of doggie: Alaskan Malamute

Follow for: Fluffiness overload, puppy training updates and adorable snaps

Yes, Mylo is real!

One of the most angelic dogs of Liverpool, Mylo is a must follow.

He just graduated from puppy school so his page is great for info on looking after pups and watching how fast they grow.

10/10 good boy.

Hugo McLewis


Type of doggie: Frenchie

Follow for: Fun adventures, cuddles and general mischief

Hugo loves naps, cuddles and sunny walks in the park, he’s also a Liverpool F.C supporter and enjoys barking at the ball during matches whilst wearing his ‘You’ll never walk alone’ t-shirt.

He’s a mischievous doggo who love to explore and chew on everything.

Chester The Chocolate Bear


Type of doggie: Shar Pei x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Follow for: Lots of wrinkles, puppy dog eyes and nap times

A cuddly brown bear, Chester is one of the cutest big dogs we’ve ever seen.

He’s 5 years old and loves cuddles and naps, he’s the ideal dog to follow if you love an adorably wrinkly face with puppy dog eyes.

Chester is chilled out to the max.



Type of doggie: Miniature schnauzer

Follow for: His adventures in Liverpool, handsome snaps and humour

Firstly, Ludo is a great name for a dog!

See Liverpool through Ludo’s eyes, a happy and handsome little schnauzer who loves to explore the sights of the city.

Very inquisitive and mischievous, this dog is bursting with personality. There’s no messing with Ludo.

Bailey Edwards


Type of doggie: Tri-coloured beagle

Follow for: Stunning pictures, action shots and beagle appreciation

A self confessed poser, Bailey knows which is her good side and she’s a bit of a doggie celebrity.

She loves dog treats, running through the park and lots of cuddles.

A very friendly beagle, she always makes lots of new friends so expect loads of snaps of dogs she meets whilst out and about.



Type of doggie: American Bulldog

Follow for: Fun beach days, puppy throwbacks and amazing selfies

A happy chappy, Eduardo is bessie mates with Ludo the miniature schnauzer, who we met just above.

He loves visiting the park and beach with his humans and always poses for a cute snap or two.

Eddie is always exploring the Liverpool countryside and loves it when he comes across new and interesting creatures, like cows!



Type of doggie: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Follow for: Adorable puppy pictures, learning tricks, cuteness overload

Nala is a cheeky little puppy and camera loves her.

One of the cutest puppies around, Nala is one of our favourite dogs of Liverpool.

We can’t wait to watch her grow up into a beautiful dog.

Buster and Kevin


Type of doggie: American Bulldog crossed with a boxer (Buster) and a Jack Russell crossed with a dachshund (Kevin)

Follow for: Sibling rivalry, fancy dress and lots of personality

Buster is the big one and Kevin is the little one, they don’t always get along but most of the time they’re best of friends.

They love visiting the beach together and playing in the water.

A famous double act in Liverpool, Buster and Kev love dressing up and getting all snug under blankets.

Gus the Chow


Type of doggie: Chow

Follow for: The hilarious life of Gus, sulky snaps and that fluff

The fifth Beatle, Gus is a grumpy but proud little Chow who loves his sleep.

He looks like a little lion, eats a lot and doesn’t always like doing what he’s told.

How could you say no to that face though!



Type of doggie: Australian Labradoodle

Follow for: Ginger and proud, doggie fashion and dog friendly venue tips

Meet Penny the Australian Labradoodle, she lives in wonderful, exciting Liverpool and loves going for coffee, and exploring new dog friendly eateries.

One of the most photogenic dogs in Liverpool, we can’t get enough of Penny’s gorgeous ginger locks and array of stylish bandanas.

She loves meeting new people and being the centre of attention.

Captain The Pug


Type of doggie: Pug

Follow for: The pug life, dress up and cute close ups

Captain of the pug life, this cute little pug spends his days snoozing and snacking.

He’s 6 years old, scouse and proud and has a great personality.

Plus, he loves getting dressed up as his favourite comic book characters.

You may spot him around Liverpool, he’s a regular at the Baltic Market!



Type of doggie: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Follow for: Lots of adventures, action dog and smiley snaps

The adrenaline junkie of the bunch, Oscar spends his days wake boarding and paddling in the Mersey.

He’s a regular at the doggie friendly venues around the city and loves playing fetch in the park with his pals.

Furry friends with Pedro the miniature dachshund who we met above, Oscar is a top dog of Liverpool.

Shankly The Jackapoo


Type of doggie: Jackapoo

Follow for: Strong bandana game, mischief and lots of fun

An excitable Jackapoo from Liverpool, we love Shankly!

He’s a big fan of walkies and feeling the wind blow through his ears.

Shankly is always visiting the beach, jumping about and investigating anything and everything.

This happy doggie will always brighten your day.

Lottie & Teddy


Type of doggie: Yorkshire terriers

Follow for: Double the cuteness, coordinating clothes and nap times

We’re seeing double!

Lottie and Ted are possibly the most adorable Yorkshire terriers in Merseyside.

They love matching outfits, hanging out together and visiting the park, these two are best of friends and we can’t get enough!

Yogi Bear


Type of doggie: Cockapoo

Follow for: Brilliant pictures, tail wagging and curly cuteness

Another famous cockapoo in Liverpool, Yogi is a superstar doggo who loves to play and get snapped.

Yogi is just 7 months old and enjoys getting muddy and trying on a variety of bandanas and bow ties.

A social butterfly, Yogi is always visiting new dog friendly cafes and bars in Liverpool and loves attention.

Teddy the Shorkie


Type of doggie: Shitzu X Yorkshire Terrier

Follow for: Adorable fluffiness, the life of a pup and tiny dog pics

Born and bred in Liverpool, Teddy literally looks like a teddy bear!

A cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier, this tiny dog enjoys eating, naps, belly rubs and chewing almost anything.

He’s a tiny star already and a great addition to the dogs of Liverpool.

Axel The Bully


Type of doggie: English Bull Terrier

Follow for: Puppy throw backs, lots of personality and action shots

Another superstar in Liverpool, Axel has over 2 thousand followers and it’s growing all the time.

Follow him for regular updates on his fun and playful life, including chewing branches and chasing birds.

Born in Grantham but now living in our great city, Axel enjoys stretching, watching films and of course playing in the park.

Bronson ‘Bam-Bam’


Type of doggie: Staffordshire bull terrier

Follow for: Doggie friend meet ups, cheesy grins and park days

A very smiley dog indeed, Bronson is a happy Staffordshire bull terrier, born and raised in Liverpool.

He’s very friendly, loves to play in the park and is a very good boy.

His owner is also very involved in bringing awareness to the friendly nature of his breed.



Type of doggie: Mini long-haired dachshund

Follow for: Ultimate cuteness, puppy dog eyes and lots of stylish coats

A gorgeous dog, Mika is a shy little dachshund who loves napping and meeting up with friends.

She dresses up for special occasions and will be choosing between a spider or a hotdog for her Halloween costume this year.

A blonde beauty, Mika is a must follow.



Type of doggie: Alaskan Malamute

Follow for: Smiley pictures, dog friendly venue tips and gorgeous backdrops

Another very smiley pooch in our list of dogs of Liverpool, Loka is a beautiful Alaskan Malamute who loves going for walkies around the city’s famous landmarks.

Always on the constant search for new and exciting dog friendly venues, Loka is a gorgeous fluffy hound who loves to explore.



Type of doggie: Shih Tzu

Follow for: Moody fashion shots, fluffy cuteness and playing with new friends

A quirky little Shih tzu from Liverpool, Tinks, aka Tinky Tonks is a great doggie to follow on Instagram.

With regular updates on his fun life as a doggie celeb, Tinks can be a bit moody now and again but he loves attention.

He’s a born poser and he knows it!

Alfie & Bear


Type of doggie: Doberman (Alfie) and Jackapoo (Bear)

Follow for: Bffs of the dog world, tail wagging and fetch

A double act that are best friends too! Think Ant and Dec, only much cuter.

Alfie and Bear love hanging out together, exploring Liverpool and modelling for regular photoshoots.

Bro’s for life, these two pooches are a must follow if you love doggie friendship at its finest.

Cooper The Frug


Type of doggie: French bulldog X pug

Follow for: The frug life, sleepy pics and gorgeous brown eyes

A mischievious pup from Liverpool, Cooper is renowned for chewing anything and everything.

Apart from destroying his human’s house, he enjoys cuddling and going out for brunch.

If you see him around Liverpool don’t forget to hashtag #fruglifecooper.



Type of doggie: Bichon Frise

Follow for: Girl powerultimate fluffiness and bichon parties

Born with no eyes, Stevie Wonder the bichon has overcome a lot in her life but she’s one of the happiest doggos on the list.

Follow her journey around Liverpool as she visits loads of exciting places, stops off for a coffee and parties with her fellow bichons.

No eyes, no worries!



Type of doggie: Frenchie

Follow for: Puppy pics, big ears and fashionable jackets

Last but certainly not least is the man, Kev.

An adorable lilac frenchie, Kev is still young and building up his followers.

He’s always exploring, enjoys meeting new people and new coats.

Save a Doggie in Need

If all this talk of dogs has got you craving a pet pooch of your own, why not check out the Merseyside Dogs Trust and save a pup in need.

They have loads of cute canines that would love a new home.

You can also sponsor a dog or send them a yummy treat if you can’t accommodate a pet just yet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best dogs in Liverpool you need to be following. If there are any pooches that feel left out, comment below to be featured! 

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  1. We might be biased but our little Schnoodle names Hendricks (after the gin) loves all the hooman attention she can get!, you can follow her at @hendricks_the_schnoodle for cuteness, sleepy snuggles and squirrel chases!

  2. Loved this article we will be off to follow our Liverpool dog buddies, would love if you done an article about all us cats in Liverpool aswell we don’t go out as much but we can be quite funny.

    From Bailey & Jasper @bailsandjasp #instagram

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