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Christmas cocktails - Alchemist

Christmas Cocktails: A Guide to Liverpool’s Best Festive Tipples

Tis’ the season to be trollied, tra la la la laaa, la la la la!

At Signatures Liverpool we’ve picked out all the best places for you to enjoy a sip of something seasonal on your Christmas nights out in Liverpool using our guide to the best Christmas cocktails in town.


Red Door

Who doesn’t love it when a cake turns into a drink? At Red Door, they’ve muddled a marvellous mixture of cake and Christmas with their Black Forrest cocktail.

Christmas cocktails Black Forrest - Red Door

The creamy deliciousness on top perfectly compliments a heady cherry flavoured liquor beneath making a sweet yet sensational addition to our favourite Christmas cocktails in Liverpool this year.

Baltic Market

Keeping things classic on their Christmas cocktails list, Baltic Market have taken the old-fashioned and made it merry with a dash of plum and a garnish of walnut.

Christmas cocktails - Baltic Market - Old Fashioned plum and walnut

It doesn’t get much more Christmassy than the interior of Baltic Market who have gone to town on the deccies, filling a huge warehouse space with delicious drinks and festive cheer.


Ever wondered what all the fuss is about Egg Nog? I know we’re more than just a bit curious and as we may not make it across the big pon this season where better to try out this tantalising American beverage than Ex-Directory.

Ex-Nog - Christmas Cocktails - Ex-Directory

Their Ex-Nog looks like it could knock our warm woolly socks off this Christmas.

Be At One

There’s no end to the wonders that pour from the cocktail makers shakers in Be At One and of course, Christmas time really gives the guys behind the drinks a chance to experiment with magically festive flavours.

Be At One Christmas Cocktails

Try their traditional Mulled Wine in a mug or be adventurous and wrap your lips around a Melty Snowman.

Quick before he’s nothing more than a puddle!

Blind Tiger

Pulling out all the stops, as usual, Blind Tiger have been whipping out wonderful Christmas cocktails throughout the festive season.

Christmas Porker Blind Tiger - Christmas cocktails

Everything from the sweet and fizzy Poppy Drop Cobbler to the crazy yet comforting Christmas Porker, which comes complete with a skewered pig a blanket garnish.

Choose your favourite or try them all.


If only every local bar created Christmas cocktails like Neighbourhood Liverpool, we’d all have a very merry Christmas indeed.

H to the Honey - Neighbourhood Christmas cocktails

This year their seasonal selections include H to the Honey, a blend of Bullet Bourbon, Honey, Lemon Juice and Honey Comb crumble, making for a superbly sweet sip. Or one for the brave, It Happened, a concoction made from Jägermeister, Sailor Jerry’s, Ginger Liquor and fruit juices.

As we said only for the brave.


Giving a special summer favourite a festive makeover, the genius at The Alchemist have turned the thirst-quenching Aperol Spritz into a cakey Christmas cocktail inspired by the classic Apple Crumble.

Christmas cocktails - Alchemist

Creamy, spicy and fruity, the Aperol Crumble is a fantastic festive tipple that’s a welcome winter spin on a summer special.

Just one of many on the menu at The Alchemist.

Brooklyn Mixer

There’s something about Christmas that makes us feel like a kid again and what better way to celebrate your inner child than by wrapping your lips around a Skittle flavoured beverage.

Taste the Rainbow - Brooklyn Mixer - Christmas cocktails

As far as Christmas cocktails go the Taste the Rainbow drink from Brooklyn Mixer has a deliciously nostalgic flavour.

It even comes with a side of Skittles to nibble whilst your drink.


Taking inspiration from those tongue-twisting ice lollies we love in the some the Twister at Moloko certainly looks like a festive treat to enjoy this Christmas.

Moloko Twister - Christmas cocktails

It looks like a Candy Cane but tastes like a tropical sensation, the perfect Christmas cocktail to toast to the festive season in Liverpool.

So, no matter where you go in Liverpool this Christmas, you’ll be sure to find a festive beverage or two to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Use our Christmas cocktails guide to the city to work your way around all the best bars and drinks in Liverpool and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

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