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Where to Find the Best Burgers in Liverpool

Burgers are a thing of great beauty. They’ve become a permanent fixture on every restaurant’s menu and, thankfully, Liverpool has a never ending list of incredible eateries and dedicated burger joints to satisfy your every need.

In our opinion, National Burger Day is everyday so, we’ve put together a handy guide to the best burger joints in town, so you can try a new one every week.

It’s sometimes hard to know who serves the best burger in Liverpool but with so many options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So, here they are in no particular order.

Button Street Smokehouse


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Button Street Smokehouse serves the very best in burger deliciousness – and is a firm favourite of ours.

With a small but exquisitely crafted burger menu, the Smokehouse Dirty Burger is definitely one you need to try. It consists of two tasty beef patties, BBQ pulled pork, bacon, onion rings and Monterey Jack cheese. Let’s just say that you may need a 10-minute break after tackling this beast.

Almost Famous


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Almost Famous is notorious for creating delicious, yet unusual burgers. Since opening in Liverpool, Almost Famous has led the trend for wacky and wonderful burgers.

But, there is one burger that stands head and shoulders above the rest and, we guarantee, this mouth-watering snack will satisfy your every need. The ‘This Is Liverpool’ burger – which consist of a double cheeseburger, salt n pepper chicken n chips, chip shop curry sauce, onions, peppers, lettuce and peppered mayo – is an ode to the food that makes this city great.

The Baltic Social


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The Baltic Social have aptly named their menu ‘Baltic Burgertown,’ and it’s made up of some the most sensational burgers around.

From the ‘The Triple O’ – which includes a juicy chicken breast, chorizo, lettuce and cheese – to ‘The Baltio’ – which consists of a homemade beef burger, vintage cheese, tomato and red onion.

For a unique burger in an even more unique environment, make sure to seek out The Baltic Social in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

Nolita Cantina


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Nolita Cantina was guaranteed to feature on this list. The American-style bistro on Bold Street has a whole host of delicious burgers but this one really is the daddy, or Big Boy, as it’s aptly named.

Featuring three stacked burger patties layered with Swiss & Jack cheese topped with bacon, a hash brown, onion rings & pickles, you’re likely to receive a round of applause for finishing this one in one sitting.

Death Row Diner


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An American diner hidden away on Liverpool’s bohemian Hope Street, Death Row Diner offers arguably the best burgers in the city. It may have a controversial name, but this basement restaurant is the perfect place for a cheat night treat.

Their gigantic burgers are held together with Chupa Chup lollipops and are served with an array of cheesy, fried and saucy sides that you won’t find anywhere else.

Not only are their burgers one of a kind, but the array of neon signs that litter the walls is, somehow, in keeping with the prison theme vibe.

The Club House


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With beach club vibes and an amazing outdoor seating area, live music and outdoor BBQ, The Club House is perfect come rain or shine.

There’s only two burgers on the menu at The Club House – but not to worry as they’re both delicious. The smells coming off the BBQ are enough to make your mouth water.

We recommend the beef burger which comes with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and a gherkin.

Reds True Barbecue


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Reds motto is ‘let there be meat’ – and meat there is.

You’d expect nothing less than Reds True Barbecue to feature on this list and, out of the many burgers they have on offer, we implore you to try the Pit Burger.

With two patties, Black Angus brisket, Red’s pulled pork, smoked peppered bacon, melted cheese, Dirty sauce, pickles,lettuce and an onion ring to top it off, this burger is not for the faint hearted.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant


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The Bastion Bar & Restaurant is situated within The Shankly Hotel and is a fantastic place to take a loved one.

Surrounded by Shankly memorabilia, you could spend hours taking in the fantastic surroundings. Whether you’re watching the match with friends or taking your loved one out for a romantic meal, The Bastion is ideal.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is The Famous Shankly Burger. An impressive 8oz prime steak burger with sweetcured streaky bacon, salad and relish in a pretzel bun which we encourage you to try.

To book a table, contact them on 0151 541 9999 or click here.

Down the Hatch


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Liverpool’s resident vegan and vegetarian restaurant, Down the Hatch is situated down a cosy staircase on Duke Street. This Duke Street diner is fast becoming the go-to spot for mouthwatering, plant-based junk food.

Their menu is bursting with delicious burgers that don’t assume that, if you’re veggie, you want to eat a carrot between two lettuce leaves. From the tasty Zinger burger to the famous Captain Jacks consisting of BBQ pulled jack-fruit and homemade slaw, Down the Hatch have nailed the vegetarian burger.

What’s Cooking


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What’s Cooking is a delightful diner situated on The Albert Dock. Taking inspiration from simple, homemade cooking, What’s Cooking is the longest serving restaurant in the Albert Dock and is proud to have been an influential part of its revitalisation.

House fortes include the tastiest, meltiest barbequed pork ribs and fresh haddock.

However, What’s Cooking’s burgers are what they’re best known for – and for good reason. Famished? Try the Scooby Snack – a succulent double beef burger with double cheese, pineapple, cajunaisse sauce and a sizable helping of cheese topped fries.

What’s Cooking is the burger capital of The Albert Dock and has some of the best burgers in Liverpool



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Byron are experts at creating delicious burgers.

With years of experience and a wealth of awards, they know exactly what goes into a good burger.

With frequently updated specials, we seriously recommend the limited edition B&A burger with dry cured bacon, guacamole, roasted bell peppers, Freddar cheese, pickled red onions, and Byron sauce, it’s definitely a winner.

Yard and Coop


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Made up of a buttermilk fried chicken breast wrapped in parma ham, the Parma Bird is to die for.

But, if that sounds like a bit too much, try the Basic Chick and enjoy delicious fried chicken with a serving of fries and slaw.

Yard and Coop has become a staple of the chicken scene in Liverpool and their burger options definitely do not disappoint.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen


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Another burger chain which is consistent in its burger making is Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

The small, but well-crafted menu is made up of the classics, but we insist you try the delicious X Burger.

Made for Olympic-sized appetites, this burger is filled with two 6oz beef patties, delicious mature cheddar, baconnaise, grilled pineapple, Cajun relish, jalapenos, chillies and crispy onions.

Free State Kitchen


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A fabulous hidden gem situated on Maryland Street is Free State Kitchen. With a stunning beer garden and an amazing selection of handheld games, you’d be stupid not to try this place out this summer.

With seven delicious options, we’d certainly recommend the double French onion burger with a double beef pattie, garlic butter, caramelised onions, Dijon mustard and Swiss cheese. Amazing, we know.

Five Guys


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Five Guys made headlines a few years ago when it opened its first branch in Liverpool, with punters keen to try the famous burgers.

Years later, the American burger giants are still providing scrumptious burgers for the people of Liverpool with a wide range of fillings and sides. Five Guys is different from other burger joints as they pretty much only offer the basics, but with as many toppings as you want. We’d suggest keeping it simple with a Bacon Cheeseburger with added extras such as tomato, lettuce and relish.

Wall of Fame


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Wall of Fame offers a wide variety of American style diner dishes.

Particularly famous for its burgers, this is definitely a place to visit on National Burger Day.

From the Empire State Burger to the Mac Daddy, we guarantee Wall of Fame will cater to all of your burger desires. We advise you go for the Uncle Buck, a 6oz steak patty with bacon, mac & cheese, onion rings, cheese, lettuce and mayo.

We admit, the mac & cheese is hard to contain but definitely worth it.

TGI Fridays


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National Burger Day is the perfect excuse to try something new and, what better way is there to celebrate than with the ‘Warrior’ from TGI Fridays.

The original American diner situated in Liverpool One, TGI Fridays serves up a whole host of experimental burgers including our personal favourite, The Warrior.

The Warrior, as you’d expect is a beast of a burger. Featuring two 7oz burgers accompanied by mozzarella dippers, Colby cheese, bacon, American cheese, caramelised onions and TGI Fridays special mayo – you’ll be a hero if you polish this one off.



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The team at Mulholland Singing Diner are renowned for their incredible, fresh menu which features some of the most amazing burgers in the city.

Off the menu, we’d suggest the southern fried chicken burger with melted cheese and crispy lettuce – it’s a sure winner.

So, head down to Mulholland for both the ultimate musical experience and one of the best burgers around.



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If you’re up for a challenge, we suggest you head to Patterson’s this National Burger Day and undertake The Quadruple Bi-pass burger challenge.

With 2 beef patties, fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, chilli cheese, goats cheese, hash browns & onion rings served with fries & coleslaw, this is one of the biggest burger challenges in the city.

Think you can do it? You’ve got 20 minutes to beat the challenge, if so, the meal is on them.

Miller & Carter


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Miller & Carter are famed for their steaks but have you tried their burgers yet?

The fresh patties are made up of prime British steak and they even offer a vegetarian option.

Miller & Carter are keeping their burger menu simple with only four options but, with their reputation, we assure you they’ll be good.

If like Miller & Cater, you like to keep it simple, we suggest going for the British steak burger with iceberg lettuce, tomato and burger sauce to really appreciate the quality of the steak.



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Bakchich is a trendy Lebanese restaurant situated on Bold Street.

With a fresh and exciting menu, Bakchich really does have something for everyone, especially those of you who are vegetarian.

The Veggie Burger from Bakchich is a delicious Halloumi steak burger filled with falafel, hummus, tomato and accompanied by a Bakchich salad.

Meat Factory


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Need we say more?

The Meat Factory is perfect for those looking to indulge in some proper American comfort food. Located in the leafy suburb of Aigburth on Lark Lane, Meat Factory is famed for its legendary Brooklyn Big Ass burger, which is of course, what we recommend.

Enjoy a 6oz rump patty, double bacon, jack cheese, potato pancake, pulled pork, lettuce, onion rings, slaw and BBQ sauce. Wow.

Shipping Forecast


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The Shipping Forecast is one of Liverpool’s most famous pubs and eateries.

Set in the heart of the city centre, it really is an escape from the madness with a tranquil and comforting atmosphere accompanied by a great menu, quality beers and great staff.

The Shipping Forecast is the place to be for burger lovers.

Our favourite is the Katsu Burger with Southern Fried Chicken smothered in curry sauce.



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BrewDog is a no-nonsense bar serving the very best in craft beers and famed for its selection of board games.

BrewDog claim to be the gate keepers of great beer and great food, so it’s no surprise that their food menu is deliciously simple.

There is a fantastic selection of meat based meals but, what really has us excited is the Louisiana; a vegan ‘pulled pork’ burger topped with avocado slaw and cashew nuts on a vegan Punk IPA bread.

Revolución de Cuba


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With live music, a fantastic cocktail menu and a great outdoor seating area, you could easily spend your entire evening at Revolucion de Cuba.

The eclectic menu has a handful of burgers to choose from and our favourite is the Beef Brisket & Jalapeno burger.

The homemade flat iron beef burger is accompanied by slow-cooked shredded beef brisket, deep friend jalapenos and crispy onions as well as the usual tomato, lettuce and cheese combo.

Portland Street 358


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Situated on Smithdown Road, Portland Street 358 is a fantastic hangout for students and South Liverpool residents without having to come into town.

Offering a truly indulgent menu, the burgers are a thing of real beauty.

We recommend the Sassy Cheese, a fun take on the classic cheese burger with a grilled minced beef pattie, melted cheddar, goats cheese with chillies, garlic and a massive onion ring.

Red Dog Saloon


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Priding itself on being one of the best American restaurants specialising in barbecue cuisine, Red Dog Saloon offer some of the most delicious and classic burgers in Liverpool.

From the traditional Cheeseburger to the El Classico featuring a southern fried buttermilk chicken burger, shredded baby gem lettuce and Red Dog sauce, this restaurant is perfect for burger lovers.

So, there you have it, 27 burgers in Liverpool you need to try! We hope you enjoyed our guide and, if you think we’ve missed any, put them in the comments below.

Plus, if you’ve got room for dessert, why not check out our guide to the best desserts in Liverpool and have a truly indulgent week.

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