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An Alternative Guide to Great Grocery Shopping in Liverpool

Let us help take the stress and tedium away from the weekly food run by introducing an alternative way to do your grocery shopping in Liverpool at these new and well-established markets.

They say in life that there are certain things that induce high levels of stress. Things, like going on holiday and moving to a new house, rank high in the top spots however the weekly grocery shop can prove just as testing.

Not anymore.

Baltic Market

Where: Cain’s Brewery, Baltic Triangle

Baltic Market Liverpool
source; Independent Liverpool Facebook

Our friendly neighbourhood bloggers Independent Liverpool will be launching a food market in what was once the spacious Cain’s Brewery warehouse.

Baltic Market will host up to 10 tasty vendors, which will alternate each month including independent Liverpool businesses, street food vendors and Independent Liverpool’s own unique business concepts.

Baltic Market will serve as an experience centre for those who are starting out in the culinary world. Budding chef’s and start up business will get a chance to grow and thrive in Independents own talent oven, getting the chance to showcase their skills and trial their business concepts before striking out alone in the wide world.

This wonderful new place to get your grocery shopping in Liverpool will also host fun quiz and cinema nights and will serve cocktails and local beers during the evening.

Turn your weekly shop into a weekly night out at the new Baltic Market, coming soon.

LIV Organic Food Market

Where: Bold Street

Organic grocery shopping in Liverpool
source; LIV Organic Market

Organic food may be considered another food fad for the hipster generation we live in, but the benefits both in a health and economic sense are proving it’s more than just hype. At LIV Organic Food Market on Bold Street, Liverpool residents and visitors can enjoy a whole new kind of weekly shop.

Forget being confronted by rows and rows of sad looking packaged food and instead take a walk on the wild side and make grocery shopping in Liverpool an experience rather than a chore.

What’s more, once you are inside the store you are welcomed by a relaxing natural décor and the easy flow of aisles are stocked with a vast range of products, including those that cater to a spectrum of dietary requirements.

An inviting lounge area awaits inside the store where you can sit back and enjoy a menu of healthy breakfasts, lunches and even delicious organic Italian coffee. There are cleansing drinks such as herbal teas and health boosting waters that will help you relax and refresh before or after your shop.

Shopping at LIV Organic Food market can be considered your good deed for the day as well with organisers doing their part to involve themselves in community charities and to protect the environment they work in.

Fruit and Veg Stalls

Where: City Centre

Fruit and Veg stalls Liverpool

Making sure we get our 5-a-day is essential to a healthy balanced diet. This can be easily achieved when working in the city and doing our grocery shopping in Liverpool as we are lucky enough to have at least four fruit and veg stalls smack bang in the city centre.

Each one is stocked to the brim with delicious shiny red apples, packed punnets of juicy strawberries and baskets of ripened sunshine yellow bananas. Walking past without filling up your shopping bag is simply a crime as the people who run these stalls have something your average supermarket does not.

These fruit and veg stalls in the city are usually run by a third or fourth generation grocer, whose family business is something they have inherited. Most of the gents and ladies who own and operate the stalls have been doing so for 20 years or more and will continue to do so as long as they can outlast the supermarket crush.

Rising at ungodly hours to get the best pick of fresh fruit and veg from the market and setting up stalls in the city centre by 6 am is all made worthwhile by the interaction they have with their regular customers.

Returning, loyal customers are what help these businesses continue, so next time you are passing by join in and support the city centre fruit and veg stalls by collecting your 5-aday from them instead of your local supermarket.


Where: Bold Street

Mattas - grocery shopping in Liverpool
source; Mattas Facebook

For those that enjoy a taste of the exotic Mattas on Bold Street has long been bringing flavours from across the globe to the plates of Liverpool residents.

Everything from Thai and Indian herbs and spices to European olive oils and Greek cheeses, there’s nothing they don’t sell.

Better still they post recipes on the website that can be created using the specialist ingredients they sell and their product list is always evolving.

Are you on the healthy train to help achieve that summer body, if so Mattas stocks a range of superfood including wheatgrass and chia seed for those super healthy smoothies.

The store has been a part of stocking Liverpool’s pantries for over 30 years and with their belief that “communities work because they look after each other” hopefully they’ll be around for another 30 to come.

So instead of increasing your weekly stress levels at the supermarket take a few bags for life into the city centre and stroll around these superb alternatives for grocery shopping in Liverpool and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Also, you’ll get warm fuzzy feelings from supporting Liverpool independent traders, long-established business’, the environment and your local community.

If all this talk of food has made you hungry and you’d like to try changing your eating habits for good use our guide to the best healthy restaurants in Liverpool.

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