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Royle family re-runs - Scouse Christmas Traditions

10 Truly Boss Scouse Christmas Traditions

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and for Christmas 2018 we thought we’d investigate how your friendly neighbourhood Scouser might celebrate their Christmas Day.

Our list of Scouse Christmas traditions could include some of your own longstanding family traditions or introduce some you’d never heard of before.

Signatures Liverpool have grilled some genuine Scousers about all their favourite Christmas traditions and here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

#1 Christmas Morning Rollers

Forget having bed head on the Christmas morning selfies, Liverpool lasses are all about the glam and just because its early Christmas morning doesn’t mean you have to have flat hair.

Sleep in Hair Rollers - Scouse Christmas Traditions
source: pauls-hair-world

Expect most Liverpool ladies to arrive under the tree on Christmas morning with immaculately rolled hair.

Scouse Christmas traditions that help ensure one is camera ready as always.

#2 New Christmas Clothes

Ever wondered why Scouse families always look pristine on Christmas Day pictures?

It’s because their entire ensemble from head to toe was purchased and pressed especially for Christmas Day.

Christmas clothes are a must in Liverpool, and these aren’t clothes to unwrap under the tree, these are outfits purpose bought and hanging in the wardrobe to only be worn on or after Christmas Day.

#3 Christmas Cracker Derby

Despite the amicable relationship between rival football teams in Liverpool, there are certain things that just don’t fly.

One of these things is the Christmas Cracker derby where an Everton fan will pull his cracker only to be presented with a red hat!!!

Scouse Christmas traditions

Under no circumstance will a blue wear a red hat an vice versa.

It’s simply unthinkable.

#4 Turkey Scouse on Boxing Day

For Bridget Jones’ family, the turkey was saved for the New Year’s Day turkey curry buffet, for others its Christmas dinner sarnies that make up the lunch menu until the end of the year.

In Liverpool, leftover turkey gets a makeover and becomes Christmas turkey scouse.

A local Liverpool delicacy served all year round and at Christmas, the dish adopts a tasty festive twist. A popular one among our list of Scouse Christmas traditions adopted all over the city.

It’s waste not want not in the Scouser household.

#5 Go to Taskers for the Best Christmas Deccies

As far as Scouse Christmas traditions go a visit to Taskers is high on the list.

Visit to Taskers - Scouse Christmas Traditions

Enter a wall to wall emporium of perfectly organised Christmas ornaments categorised by colour and style.

Wading past the life-size steam train and Santa sleigh you are overcome with a sense of tradition inside the whimsical winter wonderland Taskers create each and every Christmas.

It’s a rule that you must sit on the giant polar bear and be prepared to leave with enough decorations to construct your very own Christmas Grotto.

#6 Liverpool Philharmonic Christmas Carol Service

The perks of having a global musical treasure on your doorstep is that it becomes a tradition to witness their special festive performances at Christmas.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the talented choir truly make a Scouse Christmas magical.

This year Scousers and visitors to Liverpool can enjoy The Spirit of Christmas concert on the lead up to the 25th at Liverpool Philharmonic.

#7 Cathedrals Carols on Christmas Eve

Regardless of whether you attend church or not Scouse Christmas traditions dictate that you must visit the Anglican Cathedral for one of the two Carol services held on Christmas Eve.

Tag along for the shorter one during the day, or make your way to midnight Eucharist mass for hymns and services.

Either way, it’s a wonderfully festive experience and a must for any Scouser at Christmas.

#8 New PJ’s

Not a Christmas present but bought specifically for Christmas Eve, new PJ’s are almost as important as Christmas clothes in the Scouse household and are a symbol that Christmas Day is near.

When you snuggle down in your brand-new nightwear and look forward to sharing all the best Scouse Christmas traditions with your nearest and dearest you know Christmas has officially arrived.

#9 Watch Royle Family Christmas Special re-runs . . .

. . . and cry at the one where Nana dies.

Royle family re-runs - Scouse Christmas Traditions

If there was ever a TV family that Scousers could relate to it was the Royle’s.

An important addition to our list of Scouse Christmas traditions had to include binge-watching one or all the Royle Family Christmas special re-runs, with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit of course.

#10 Camp Outside John Lewis for the Big Switch On

The latest Scouse Christmas tradition to take over Liverpool is the Big Switch On, when the huge 30 metre Christmas tree illuminates Liverpool ONE. This year the spectacular show will begin on the 16th November get your places quickly.

The Big Switch on Liverpool ONE

After the event, there’s a full-on Liverpool style street party with prize giveaways, pop-up panto and for the first year, Chavasse Park will be showcasing a new light installation titled Polaris where 96 colourful cubes will shine brightly on Chavasse Park throughout the season.

We love Christmas in Liverpool and its these weird and wonderful Scouse Christmas traditions that help make our Christmas Days magical.

Feel free to add your own Scouse Christmas traditions in the comments below or post them on our Facebook page.

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