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10 Liverpool Restaurants to Break your New Year Diet

We’ve all got the best intentions when a new year begins. We are going to start saving, join the gym and begin crazy new diets. The truth is by now the majority of new year’s resolutions will have failed.

A study by Bupa says that on average 70% of us last a maximum of two months before breaking the promises we made to ourselves at the start of the new year.

And who can blame us?

With all the amazing places to eat in the city, we at Signature’s Liverpool have created a list of the best places you can break your new year’s diet.

After all, if you are going to do something wrong, do it right.


Bakchich wrap - Liverpool restaurants

A restaurant that started as one of those sweet-smelling stalls amongst the Christmas Markets of Liverpool, Bakchich has become a favourite eatery of the city.

Serving fresh affordable Lebanese street food, Bakchich is stylish, simple and popular among those looking for a quick bite to eat that packs a punch.

With traditional Lebanese flavour combinations, fresh ingredients and everything arriving wrapped in deliciously fluffy flatbread or flaky thin filo pastry, Bakchich is the place to go to break your new year’s diet in Liverpool.

Bastion Bar and Restaurant

Full english breakfast - Bastion Bar and Restaurant

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you are anything like us here at Signatures Liverpool when there’s a breakfast buffet on the cards there’s no stopping us.

At the Bastion Bar and Restaurant, there’s everything on offer, from hot fresh from the oven pastries to a selection of continental meats and cheeses, a smorgasbord of fruity preserves and delicious freshly baked bread.

But the best is that you can have all this and still opt for a full English to round things off.

Don’t go for a breakfast at the Bastion half-heartedly, you need to bring your A-game to tackle this diet breaker.


Miyagi bao bun - Liverpool restaurants

This is one of those Liverpool restaurants that’s definitely worth visiting. Even if you are sticking to that new year diet Miyagi delivers something for everyone.

Our choice from the menu would have to be the sticky pork belly bao buns. These are a strong favourite among Miyagi clientele, and along with the rest of the menu, diners can sample a delicious blend of Asian fusion soul food alongside elevated Japanese dishes.

For a particularly decadent treat enjoy a sit “Round the Campfire” Miyagi’s signature dessert.

You and your party can toast marshmallows, chocolate cookies and fresh strawberries over the toasty embers of a hibachi grill right at your table.

Sticky, finger licking fun for everyone.

Slims Pork Chop Express

Chicken and Waffles - Slims Pork Chop Express

The brainchild of those behind Salt Dog Slims and Santa Chupitos is Slims Pork Chop Express.

A delightful mix of American BBQ with a British twist and a hint of Asian influence due to the close proximity of Liverpool’s China Town.

Slims Pork Chop Express serves a huge menu of mouth-watering dishes including stacked burgers, BBQ platters and even Harlem classic soul food dish, chicken and waffles.

As with their other venues, Slims Pork Chop Express also boasts a list of delectable drinks to choose from including Boozy Shakes such as the Caramel Van Damme. A combination of Dark Rum, Caramel vanilla and honeycomb.

There’s no way to walk in Slims and walk out hungry, or having stuck to your diet.

Santa Maluco

Choccolate pizza Santa Malucos - Liverpool restaurants

A true celebration of the wonder that is pizza takes place at Santa Maluco every day.

Take your seat after paying your ‘preço fixo’ and sit back as the staff bring you slice after slice of delicious wood-fired pizza.

Both the toppings and crusts can vary and even stretch to a sweet dessert pizza smothered in chocolate and decorated with buttons and chocolate shavings.

If pizza is your dish of choice, then head to Santa Maluco and break your pizza fast in style.


Chicken wings Koop - Liverpool restaurants

For some finger lickingly good chicken make your way to Koop, the home of the wing shack.

Choose from a variety of lip smacking chicken wings, original or boneless, covered one of nine sauces on offer. You can snack on a small portion of five wings or go all in for a massive twenty.

As well as wings, there’s a huge choice of gourmet burgers, off the bone chicken or crispy hand-breaded fillets to quench your appetite.

It’s not only the food that’s popular at Koop, their shakes are legendary. From the simple Very Vanilla to the extravagant Kinder Koop with a full Kinder Bueno, banana and homemade soft ice cream.

Break your diet with a shake, chicken and roll at Koop.

The Club House

Club House Dessert - Liverpool restaurants

If you haven’t done so already we strongly recommend a visit to The Club House, Liverpool’s answer to a break in the Hamptons.

Try and pick your diet breaking dish from the extensive and varied menu.

A seemingly endless list of everything from heart-warming pies and classic club sandwiches to the famous hanging kebabs and a huge deli board selection.

If you’ve any room left then our favourite dessert beckons in the form of a kebab. A skewer of fresh strawberries, rocky road brownie, marshmallow and a biscuit sauce for dipping with a chocolate crumb.

If you know your diet is over, then end it well at The Club House.


Cheese on toast Mowgli - Liverpool restaurants

Not just an amazing place for authentic Indian Street food, at Mowgli, you can even enjoy a good old cheese on toast.

Alright, it’s not your usual cheddar on a slice of white.

Mowgli’s version of this go to snack features melted Himalayan cheese smothered across thick sliced herby bread scattered in fresh hot chillies.

Wipe your mouth please! You’re drooling.


Cinna-bun HUS - Liverpool restaurants

Liverpool’s cosiest new venue has been built in the fashion of a Scandinavian home. The bright airy spaces with rustic furniture and Scandi food, complete the charm of HUS.

We recommend breaking your diet with a visit to their breakfast service starting at 8 am.

Wrap your lips around a glazed cinna-bun or try their cinnamon French toast drizzled in sweet berry compote and lashings of vanilla crème Fraiche.

HUS has all you need to start the day early, not worrying about that diet.


Arthouse hot dog - Liverpool restaurants

Is there anything more delicious than a giant hot dog covered in ketchup and yellow American style mustard?

We didn’t think so, and guess what we know where to get your hands on the king of all hot dogs; Arthouse Bar and Pizzeria on Seel Street.

It’s here where you can wrap your lips around a delicious hotdog, help yourselves to slices of movie themed pizza or devour a portion of funky full flavoured nachos.

All the dishes are a taste sensation and are strictly off the diet plan too.

If you are a superstar still sticking to that new year diet resolution then check out our guide to the best healthy eating spots in Liverpool instead.

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