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10 Utterly Unexpected Romantic Spots in and Around Liverpool

Sometimes the best things in life are free, or at least a little cheaper than we have gotten used to.

Instead of shelling out fortunes on gimmicky gifts this Valentine’s day perhaps make use of the romance that is all around us, albeit you might have to look a bit harder for it.

We chose 10 of Liverpool’s most romantic locations you might not have thought of for the perfect Valentine’s day date.

Sefton Park’s Palm House

Sefton Park Palm House

A stunning Victorian structure stands amid the of greenery at Sefton Park. The Palm House is among the most stunning historic structures still standing in the city.

As evening descends upon the park the Palm House is bathed in moody uplighting providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic hand in hand stroll through the park.

Liverpool’s Stunning Cathedrals

As with many things in life, a truly romantic evening relies heavily on good lighting.

Both Liverpool Cathedrals provide on looker’s delight as they gaze upon their majestic exteriors.

The buildings are illuminated and stand out against the night sky, with the Metropolitan Cathedral’s unique central shaft shining in colour from the thick stained glass.

Metropolitan Cathedral Liverpool

A quick climb to the tippy top of the Anglican Cathedral will reward you with city-spanning views across Liverpool and the River Mersey.

A lovely way to spend a free date in Liverpool.

Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach romantic Liverpool seaside

Noted as one of the UK’s to top 10 beaches, Crosby Beach is the ideal romantic escape away from the Liverpool’s bustling city centre.

The stretch of soft white sand is reminiscent of far-flung coastal destinations such as the Bahamas or the Maldives. Take a romantic stroll alongside the breaking waves and take a look at unique art installation ‘Another Place’ by Anthony Gormley.

Crosby beach is perfect for a day or night date just outside of Liverpool.

Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight Village

If your idea of an ideal date consists of stunning scenery with a little history thrown in, then a trip across the river to Port Sunlight Village is a must.

This picturesque model village in the Wirral is home to Tudor style cottages each designed by a different architect making every one unique. The quaint homes are surrounded by immaculate gardens and parks maintained to the highest standards.

At the heart of the village stands gallery Lady Lever art gallery which displays levers own collection of ancient and modern art.

The ideal romantic date for those wishing to explore a piece of picture-perfect history.

Everton Brow

Everton Brow -romantic Liverpool view

For a stunning view of the city from an unexpected viewpoint head to Everton Brow.

Atop the grassy hills of Everton Park, a couple can take in the whole city below, as far as the eye can see.

This view is perfect for picking out your favourite Liverpool landmarks or checking out the Merseyside Wirral coastline in the distance.

On a sunny day when the flowers are in bloom, vast corridors of newly planted seeds will come into bloom, filling the area with colour and even further beauty.

Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant

Carpathia Champagne Bar romantic Liverpool terrace

Perhaps unknown to some is the fact that one of Liverpool’s best hotels has it’s very own rooftop restaurant, bar and terrace.

Turn the romance dial way up with a visit to the Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant and enjoy magnificently majestic views of Liverpool’s world heritage waterfront.

Snuggle under a blanket provided by the bar as you sip on delicious cocktails whilst overlooking the twinkling waters of Albert Dock.

You won’t find a more romantic waterfront view in Liverpool than at Carpathia Champagne bar and Restaurant.

Liverpool Central Library

romantic Liverpool Central Library rooftop

A library is not among the first places that come to mind when conjuring up romantic date night ideas. Liverpool Central Library is ideal for a truly dreamy date and we’re not talking about the romance novel section either.

The interior is simply striking with lofty spiralised walkways taking you and your date all the way up to the open air roof terrace.

Up here you and your date can stroll around the sparkling glass dome that makes up the centre of the library ceiling.

Sit down with your date and check out the historical St Georges quarter from a romantic and unique viewpoint.

Liverpool Historic Canning Area

Canning - romantic Liverpool area

Liverpool is filled with picturesque streets that are off the beaten track some of which you might never see without actively seeking them out.

Such a shame considering the oldest parts of Liverpool offer some of the most romantic and memorable views in the city.

The historic Canning area is a little-visited part of Liverpool in the shadows of the Anglican Cathedral home to some of the cities oldest homes and most stunning picture perfect streets.

On a romantic walk through Canning, you could both almost forget you were in the busy city centre of Liverpool.

Oh Me Oh My

Oh Me Oh My romantic Liverpool roof top

A venue shrouded in secrecy during out of work hours, Oh Me Oh My is an exclusive venue with a beautiful view of the three graces that stretches out to Seacombe on the Wirral.

An evening session here is rare but fun when you are lucky enough to warrant an invite but is the ideal way to enjoy a romantic night in one of Liverpool’s lesser-known secret venues.

If you are still stuck for ideas on how to make the most of your Valentine’s day try our guide to the 12  Romantic Things To Do In Liverpool.

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