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Our Guide to the Perfect Places for Pancakes in Liverpool

Every year it’s the same when we all try to create the perfect pancake batter and master the proper pancake flip. If like so many others, your batter could be better and your flips are more like flops, then it’s time to consider seeking out the perfect place for pancakes in Liverpool this Shrove Tuesday.

Join us as we take a look at some of the crazy concoctions served at our favourite Liverpool restaurants, cafes and bars.

Classically Traditional

We Brit’s do like to stick to what we know, and when it comes to our food even more so. Some of us have become a little more adventurous but still, the oldies are the goodies.

Moose Coffee

Okay so it’s a step up from our UK favourite of lemon and sugar, but Moose Coffee does offer classic American style toppings for their made in store secret recipe pancakes.

We know our cousins across the pond love their bacon and maple syrup, as well as a good old blueberry stack.

You can even opt for their more creative toppings such as spiced apple and salted caramel or granola and peanut butter.

Either way, Moose Coffee does provide tasty traditions from the US, but we still love our simple lemon and sugar.

Café Tabac

pancake day in liverpool

Café Tabac is back with their immensely popular pancake flipping competition this Pancake Day in Liverpool.

There is a £1 entry fee but all money will go towards Helping Hands, a homeless charity in Liverpool. The rules of the game are simple: you have 30 seconds to flip a pancake as many times as possible without it flying off into the abyss. The winner will receive a £25 bar tab with Café Tabac.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the flipping master? Head to the café any time between 12 and 6 pm and put your tossing to the test!

The Bastion Bar and Restaurant

The Bastion has become a firm favourite on the Liverpool food scene, with plenty of seasonal options on offer throughout the year.

Talented chefs are able to whip up some of the best pancakes with ease and Pancake Day is set to be a sure winner for the best food-themed celebration in Liverpool.

Far from Traditional

For everyone who likes to think and eat outside the box, we can thank the massive influence that America and Australia have had on the UK’s culinary scene.  Pancakes, in particular, are a staple in any American diet and thanks to those sweet lovers down under we can now enjoy the Freakshake, cheers guys.


Well, the opening page of Bill’s website says it all.

Their stacked fluffy American style pancakes are filled with our all-time favourite desserts such as lemon cheesecake or a full banana split!

Bill’s in Liverpool is also located at the very front of Liverpool One and if the weather is kind you can enjoy your pancakes alfresco.

Tavern & Co

Known in Liverpool for their award-winning breakfasts Tavern & Co have a belly bursting brunch menu full of worldly favourites.

Today we are focusing on their cloud-like fluffy pancakes that come with a variety of sweet and sticky toppings.

From fruity favourites, such as Strawberry and Nutella to an ancient recipe borrowed from across the pond titled Banana Foster Pancakes. This choice US recipe includes bananas, pancakes, butterscotch sauce, toasted pecans and whipped cream. Delicious.

Barley and Bean’s

Barley and Bean Pancake Freakshake - pancakes in Liveprool

So much more than your average coffee shop, Barley and Beans’ creative team never stop trying to out do their last gastronomic invention.

The most popular creation to feature on their menu is the Freakshake that comes in every shape and flavour, topped with whole Cherry Bakewell’s or little tiny muffins.

In honour of pancake day, their Nutella and Smore Freakshake creation has been improved with you guessed it…a stack of miniature pancakes.

The rest of the shake is the usual calorific feast you’ve come to expect and may take more than one person to finish off.

Interesting Eating Company

pancake day in Liverpool

The Interesting Eating Company on Allerton Road has been taking Liverpool with their quirky sweet treat offerings and this Shrove Tuesday, they’re going all out or their favourite holiday.

As well as all the staple classics like Nutella, lemon and sugar and maple syrup, they’ve concocted some interesting combinations for everyone’s favourite food-focused celebration. Featuring Reese’s themed pancakes, Twix with marshmallows and Kinder with cream.

All of the batter is made in house and fresh each morning to make sure everyone is getting only the best quality pancakes this Pancake Day in Liverpool.


pancake day in liverpool

Kaspa’s has become a staple on the student dessert food scenes and is always open for incredible sweet treats all year round.

It only makes sense that Pancake Day is a firm favourite for them, with limited edition pancakes making a one day only appearance on the menu. The classics will still be available and the Strawberry and Oreo offering is definitely one to try.


Not everybody has a sweet tooth so when it comes to pancake day experiment a little with your toppings. Do as the French do and choose cheese or perhaps something a little more daring to sit atop your pancakes in Liverpool.

La Crepe Rit

Located in a cosy corner of historical Albert Dock is a tiny Creperie that serves traditional French style pancakes with all the classic toppings: La Crepe Rit.

Alongside the usual sweet options, however, you can find a list of cheese filled delights. These come filled with classic ham and mushrooms, or for more adventurous palettes there’s ratatouille, asparagus and mushrooms or even jalapenos and pepperoni adding some spice to your pancake day.

Love Thy Neighbour

This charming café come bar at night serves up culinary delights for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

The day to day menu consists of healthy option open sandwiches, salads and a dish that’s the perfect healthy way to enjoy savoury pancakes in Liverpool.

Their chickpea pancake topped with avocado, confit tomatoes and homemade hummus is definitely different, deliciously tasty and 100% organic.

Not quite the over indulgent menu choice we are used to seeing on pancake day, but for those without that sweet tooth Love thy Neighbour is the ideal place to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and enjoy a healthy meal.

A national day that allows us to eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner and throw our food around the kitchen deserves to be celebrated in style. So put your frying pan away and let the professionals take care of providing the best pancakes in Liverpool this Shrove Tuesday.

Had your fill of Pancakes, then how’s about a nice healthy meal at one of Liverpool’s best healthy eating spots to counter all those delicious calories?

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