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The Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Liverpool

Chocolate lovers, prepare for your mind to be blown, because we here at Signature’s Liverpool are offering the gooiest, creamiest, smoothest, most creative chocolate creations in the city.

Opera Cake

Opera cake

Source: East Avenue Bakehouse Instagram

Where: East Avenue Bakehouse

An opera is bold, dramatic and offers an experience unlike anything else – so we can see why East Avenue Bakehouse called their bake an Opera Cake. It’s also good enough to make you want to sing for the whole world to hear.

Chocolate Brownie Tarts

chocolate brownie tarts

Source: Baltic Bakehouse Instagram

Where: Baltic Bakehouse

Nothing will make your mouth water more than the sight of Baltic Bakehouse’s chocolate brownie tarts, which are just £3.50 each. You’ll be grinning for ear-to-ear from the moment you take a first bite.



Where: Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant

This melt in your mouth mousse will linger on your tongue all night long. The mousse is wonderfully balanced with a chocolate soil, whilst offering delicious textures of coconut and vanilla shortbread. It’s exceptionally good.

Mr M’s Chocolate Brownie Spring Rolls


Source: Miyagi Instagram

Where: Miyagi

Who knew chocolate and spring rolls could work so well together? There will be no looking back once you’ve tried this scrumptious dessert, as you’re bound to want to return again and again to relive the experience.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Brownie


Source: Nolita Cantina Instagram

Where: Nolita Cantina

Forget what you know about brownies and take yourself along to Nolita Cantina pronto! That’s because they’re offering none other than a Reese’s peanut butter brownie. Yes, such a thing really does exist!

White Chocolate & Basil Panna Cotta


Source: Moose & Moonshine Facebook

Where: Moose & Moonshine

White chocolate fans will rejoice at the thought of Moose & Moonshine’s white chocolate and basil panna cotta. This light and lovely dessert is served with mixed berry and a sweet balsamic compote.

Oreo Shake


Source: Yardbird Facebook

Where: Yardbird

Any chocoholic worth their weight in chocolate bars absolutely adores Oreos. That’s why you’re well and truly in for a treat at Yardbird with their Oreo Shake, which comes in a classic red cup. We’re drooling just looking at it!

Chocolate Mowgli Cake

chocolate mowgli cake

Source: binnyskitchen.com

Where: Mowgli

The whole of the city seems to have fallen in love with Mowgli, and it’s not hard to see why when you try the chocolate Mowgli cake, which is served with ice cream. Offering cardamom and a touch of spice, it’s a warm and wonderful treat you’ll devour.

70% Dark Chocolate Brownie


source: www.yelp.co.uk

Where: Hotel Chocolat

We couldn’t not have Hotel Chocolat on the list, could we? They are the champions of chocolate, after all. If there’s one thing on the menu you must try it’s the 70% dark chocolate brownie, which will prove how they’ve became leaders in their industry.

Nutella Brownie


Where: Barley and Beans

If you haven’t experienced the Nutella Brownie freak shake from Barley and Beans, now is the time. This amazing milkshake comes complete with all sorts of cakes, biscuits and chocolate.

Baked Chocolate Fondant


Where: The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

One glimpse of this delicious dessert and you’ll soon be booking a table at The Bastion Bar & Restaurant. The baked chocolate fondant is most certainly a winner, and is complemented by a yummy salted caramel ice cream and dark chocolate sauce. Someone pass us a spoon – stat!

Cocoa Loco


source: Slim’s Pork Chop Express Facebook

Where: Slim’s Pork Chop Express

You really will go loco when you find out Slim’s Pork Chop Express has not only created a chocolate shake that’s not only topped with a Mars bar, Horlicks and vanilla, but that it contains tequila – which really does make us happy. This is one boozy shake you will want to try on your tonsils.

Vegan Chocolate and Banana Cake


source: Oh Me Oh My Instagram

Where: Oh Me Oh My

You don’t have to miss out on a bit of chocolatey goodness if you’re a vegan, because Oh Me Oh My is offering the vegan chocolate and banana cake. You can also enjoy it whilst looking out at our beautiful waterfront; what’s not to love?

Chocolate Ravioli


Source: Crust_Liverpool Instagram

Where: Crust

Chocolate and ravioli are two ingredients you probably wouldn’t put together – but, let us tell you now, they are a match made in heaven. In fact, we think it’s absolutely crazy why no-one chose to do this sooner.

Dirty Brownies


Source: thecowandcocafe Instagram

Where: The Cow and Co Café

What are better than brownies? Dirty brownies! The Cow and Co Café are decorating their amazing brownies in everything from fizzy jellies, Nerds, Kinder Eggs and white chocolate. We’re a little bit in love – and you will be, too!

Chocolate Churros


Source: Lucha Libre Instagram

Where: Lucha Libre

Let’s just take a second to stare at the wonder that is chocolate churros at Lucha Libre. These Mexican Doughnuts are not only dusted with cinnamon sugar, but they come with a homemade chocolate sauce.

Chocolate and Marmalade Cake

chocolate and marmalade cake

source: Delifonseca Instagram

Where: Delifonseca

Delifonseca’s chocolate and marmalade cake tastes as good as it looks. Just be careful, though, because you might just want to eat the whole cake! It would be worth it, though.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

chocolate hazelnut tart

Where: Viva Brazil

If you are craving a chocolate slice of heaven, take yourself along to Viva Brazil, as they are offering a chocolate hazelnut tart that will simply melt on the tongue. The sweet chocolate is also balanced by the juicy blackberries. The perfect way to end a meal.

Ferero Rocher Sundae


Source: thequarterliverpool Instagram

Where: The Quarter

Love Ferero Rocher? Love ice cream? It’s probably best you make a visit to The Quarter, because they are offering an incredible Ferero Rocher sundae that just has to be tasted to be believed.

Warm Chocolate Brownie


source: leafonboldst Instagram

Where: Leaf

There is nothing quite like that first taste of a warm, gooey brownie. Now if there is one place getting the chocolate brownie right in Liverpool, it has to be Leaf – who even offer some chocolate shavings and a dollop of ice cream.

Dark Chocolate Mouse

dark chocolate mousse

Source: Puschka Instagram

Where: Puschka

With popcorn sorbet, caramel, almond brittle
Trust us when we tell you that you need Puschka’s dark chocolate mousse in your life. Why? Because as well as a smooth dark chocolate mousse, this exceptional dessert includes popcorn sorbet, caramel and almond brittle.

White Chocolate Russian


Where: HOST

If you love white chocolate, cocktails and coffee, well, you’re in luck, as HOST are offering a fabulous white chocolate Russian cocktail. This espresso martini is the perfect way to get your fix of chocolate and caffeine.

Chocolate and Banana or Butterscotch Pizzas

Chocolate and banana pizza

source: America Pizza Slice Instagram

Where: American Pizza Slice

American Pizza Slice don’t do things by halves – so you can expect great things from their chocolate and banana or butterscotch pizzas. So if you’re not in the mood for a cheesy slice, opt for a chocolatey one instead.

Greedy Guts


source: Wall of Fame Instagram

Where: Wall of Fame

Here’s another boozy shake, but this time it’s from Wall of Fame. It’s so good you’ll think Willy Wonka had made it himself, offering Oreos, Reece’s pieces and peanut butter. Oh, and whiskey is in there, too. You can, however, order the shake without alcohol.

Banana Split with Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce


Source: @Salthousebacaro Twitter

Where: Salt House Bacaro

For sweet, fruity, chocolatey goodness, order the banana split from Salt House Bacaro. You’ll feel like a big kid when you dip your spoon into this tasty treat.

Dark Chocolate Brownie


Source: Turtle Bay Instagram

Where: Turtle Bay

Another restaurant offering a delectable dark chocolate brownie is Turtle Bay. This rich chocolate pie is served warm and comes with vanilla ice cream. Food heaven!

So, now you know where to find some of the best chocolate treats in Liverpool, it’s time to discover the best cocktail bars in the city.

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