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35 Boss Scouse Slang Phrases & Scouse Words

Liverpool is renowned for a lot of things; its amazing docklands, being the home of The Beatles and being the capital of Curly Blows but how much scouse slang do you know?

If you’ve been in Liverpool for any amount of time, you’ll know a few of these phrases but have you ever been in The Asda and heard the women in front talking about jibbing off their boyfriend and wondered what the hell was going on? Allow us to educate you on some of that Liverpool slang.

Scouse Sayings – Scouse Slang Words:

#1 Sound

Definition: cool or good

Use: How you doin’ lad? Yeah sound mate

#2 Arl arse

Definition: cruel

Use: Stop being an arl arse.

#3 Arl Fella

Definition: father

Use: I’m going for a bevvy with me arl fella.

#4 Wool

Definition: Someone who’s from the surrounding areas of Liverpool such as the Wirral or St Helens.

Use: He likes to pretend he’s from Liverpool, but he’s from the Wirral the wool.

#5 G’wed

Definition: Go ahead

Use: G’wed, lad. Nice one.

#6 The Asda

Definition: Asda

Use: I’m going the Asda for some bifters.

#7 Lid

Definition:  Lad

Use: I’m going the Asda, lid.

#8 Boss

Definition:  Incredibly Awesome

Use: They’re some boss webs, la.

#9 Offie

Definition: off-licence

Use: I’m not going the Asda when there’s an offie down the road.

#10 Antwacky

Definition: Old fashioned

Use: Me arl fella’s house is pure antwacky.

#11 Bifter

Definition: Cigarettes/joint

Use: Gis one of those bifters so I don’t have to go the offie.

#12 Trabs

Definition: Trainers

Use: Lad, don’t be an arl arse and borrow us ya trabs.

#13 Scran

Definition: Food

Use: Me Ma’s making me a proper scran tonight lad

#14 Abar

Definition: About

Use: What you on abar, you wool.

#15 The Ozzy

Definition: The Hospital

Use: If I eat any more scran I’ll end up in the ozzy.

#16 Bizzies

Definition: The Police

Use: You seen all the bizzies outside the offie?

#17 La

Definition: Lad

Use: In a bit, la.

#18 Blert

Definition: Idiot

Use: Don’t be a blert and give us a lift to town.

#19 Webs

Definition: Trainers

Use: Ay La, those webs are boss.

#20 Cob on

Definition: Bad mood

Use: He’s got a cob on abar the match, lad.

#21 Jibbed

Definition: stood up/dumped

Use: If he says me arl fella’s house is antwacky one more time he’s getting jibbed

#22 Jarg

Definition: Fake

Use: They’re some jarg trabs them

#23 Kecks

Definition: pants or trousers

Use: I’ve only gone and ripped me kecks, lad.

#24 Sagging off

Definition: Not going to school

Use: Me ma won’t let me out because I was sagging off.

#25 Keep Dixie

Definition: Keeping a look out

Use: You keep dixie while I run into the offie for some bifters.

#26 Judy

Definition: Girlfriend

Use: Me Judy cooks an blindin’ Scouse

#27 Geggin’ in

Definition: Being nosey

Use: Eee, stop geggin’ in.

#28 Show

Definition: Mess

Use: Her curly blow looks an absolute show

#29 In bulk

Definition: Laughing hard

Use: Am not even messing, he had me in bulk.

#30 Bins

Definition: Glasses

Use: You seen her bins, they look a show.

#31 Meff

Definition: It’s an insult but not completely offensive, a dismissive term meaning an idiot or someone stupid.

Use: Ignore him lad, he’s just being a proper meff.

#32 Eee

Definition: An expression of disgust or disapproval

Use: Eee look at her pants

#33 Bevy

Definition: alcoholic drink

Use: You coming for a bevvy after work girl

#34 Baltic

Definition: Freezing

Use: It’s absolutely Baltic in here

#35 Made Up

Definition: Happy

Use: Got a new job, I’m absolutely made up

#36 West

Definition: Crazy or weird

Use: Lad, last night was proper west ya’no

#37 Ice Lolly

Definition: Scouse for an ice lolly

Use: I’m absolutely roasting, could do with a lolly ice

#38 Heavy Salad

Definition: That’s bad news/ that’s unfortunate

Use: “me Judy just left me” “that’s heavy salad la”

#39 Brassic

Definition: Out of pocket

Use: can’t go for a bevy tonight la am brassic

#40 Is right

Definition: You are correct/ that is deserved

Use: “i’ll get the bevies in” “is right la”

#41 Swerve

Definition: Do not attend or avoid

Use: Swerve that meeting later let’s go get some scran.

#42 Beut

Definition: Fool

Use: What a beut!

#43 Come ‘ed

Definition: Let’s go/come along

Use: Come ‘ed lets jib this beut off

#44 Barnet

Definition: Hair do

Use: Haha get on to her barnet it’s a show!

#45 Grid

Definition: Face

Use: What’s up with your grid?

#46 Arr Ay

Definition: Why did you do that/ I can’t believe you just did that

Use: Arr Ay that’s arl arse that!

#47 Bladdered

Definition: Drunk beyond comprehension

Use: He’s bladdered come ‘ed we best swerve the next bar

If you think we’ve missed anything let us know by commenting below. We’d love to hear more of your great scouse words.

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