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Acts of Kindness that Could Only Involve A Scouser

Home of The Beatles and some of the world’s most famous landmarks, it’s no surprise that Liverpool’s history and culture can overshadow the heart of the city, which of course, is its people. It’s safe to say that Liverpool is a city of kindness. And that goes much further than just pleases and thank yous; in this city, it’s about how you treat people.

If you live in Liverpool, you’ll know that people are happy to stop and give you directions. In fact, they’ll probably give you so many that you can’t remember them afterwards. They’ll have a chat with you at the bus stop, and you can guarantee that they’ll compliment your outfit in the loo. Even when you’re abroad, you’ll find yourself chatting away to the only other Scouse family in the hotel.

Of course, we might be a little bias, so we’ve compiled some of the greatest acts of kindness in Liverpool that have made it to the press…

The Grand National – Offering Warmth to Strangers 

Those attending the Grand National in 1997 found themselves stuck in the middle of an IRA bomb scare and stranded without access to the car park or public transport.

Of course, amidst the panic, Liverpool locals grouped together to save the day. Many offered beds to strangers, while some taxi drivers offered free journeys home. A classic example of selflessness from Scousers.


Waterstones – A Book Lover’s Anonymous Gesture 

In February 2016, one couple’s day was turned around entirely by a simple act of kindness in Liverpool’s Waterstones store. Tucked into a book, the couple discovered a five pound note and a note which read:

“Hi, if you are finding this money then know the universe is smiling at you today. Enjoy a cuppa on me or pass it along to give another a smile to someone else! Have a great day!”

Chris Topping and Dannielle MacFarlane, who found the anonymous gift, were keen to spread the generosity. The couple put the money towards buying sandwiches and drinks for local homeless people. It just goes to show that one good deed can spread further than you think!

Helping the Homeless – A Small Deed With a Big Impact

In October 2016, a group of children took themselves off to town to raise money for their Penny-for-the-Guy collection. However, the group selflessly gave their earnings to local homeless man Damien Black and bought food for others around the city centre. It was reported that eight year old Stephen Murray offered the gesture saying: “Because you’re saving up for a house aren’t you mate.”

A photograph of the children offering their collection went viral online, and after catching the attention of volunteers from the Paper Cup Project and staff from South Liverpool housing association, Damien was able to move into his first proper house in two years.

Liverpool Kindness

Honest and Selfless – The £200 Shopping Returned 

A homeless man known only as Gary showed the ultimate act of selflessness in December 2016. After finding £200 of shopping from Greenwoods Menswear store in Liverpool, Gary didn’t think twice about what to do with it.

Calling the store himself to let them know, they were able to find the buyer and return his shopping to him. Of course, the admirable act didn’t go unnoticed amongst Liverpool locals, with thousands of pounds raised for Gary on the GoFundMe page set up by Darren Galvin, and waves of support and generosity from people offering a spare room or a hot shower.

Gary in Liverpool

The Liverpool Taxi Driver – A 400-Mile Act of Kindness 

Zeshan Qureshi
Zeshan Qureshi

In May 2016, Dr Zeshan Qureshi was left speechless when his taxi driver drove all the way to London to return his laptop. After originally offering to post it, the driver took it to London for Dr Qureshi to collect.

Remaining anonymous, the taxi driver refused any money in return for his kindness, and Dr Qureshi said: “I was only in the city for a short time, so didn’t get the opportunity to speak to many people. This was great to have a window into the Scouse mentality and their kindness.”

United By Grief – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Plymouth Argyle fan Kevin May was left heartbroken at Anfield in January 2017 after learning that his son Daniel had sadly passed away. A Liverpool police officer and a kind Anfield employee did their best to comfort Mr May during such a distressing time.

Kevin May recalled: “Graham and the Anfield employee both put their arms around me, an Argyle fan, in a show of pure human kindness.” Mr May took comfort in the sound of LFC fans singing You’ll Never Walk Alone.

A compassionate tribute to the life of Daniel May, Reds fans united to have a banner made in remembrance of Daniel, which read “RIP Daniel May – You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Created through a fundraising page made by Anthony Grice, the banner was unveiled in memory of the 25 year old at the 25th minute of the third-round replay at Home Park.

Liverpool Fans

The £160 Bill – A Scouser to The Rescue

Student Grace Georgina felt Scouse kindness at full force in January 2017 while stranded in London. After losing the second part of her train ticket, it was a Liverpool nurse and kind hearted Scouser, Martin Gallagher who stepped in and paid the £160 bill for her.

The generous nurse explained that he has daughters of his own and would hope that someone would do the same for them. The grateful student tweeted, ” “I do not want to hear anyone EVER say a bad word about people from Liverpool”.


Kindness at Christmas – 100 Messages of Hope 

Part of the “Find My Story” project, Christmas in Liverpool in 2016 saw the streets filled with messages of hope and reassurance through the power of the written word. Left anonymously, 100 letters were placed around Liverpool for someone to find and cherish.

The letters told the story of a difficult time over the festive period, with the twist of a life-changing gift. And it’s safe to say that the heartwarming idea succeeded in touching lives around the city, bringing some genuine joy to those who were struggling.


So, if those good deeds didn’t leave you with that warm and fuzzy feeling, why not make it your week’s mission to spread some kindness yourself? We’re sure you won’t regret it!

Have you ever experienced kindness from a Scouser? Comment below, we’d love to hear your stories.

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