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12 Things All LFC Fans Experience at the Match

Liverpool is set to play Sevilla in Wednesday night’s Europa League final at St. Jakob-Park in Base. In anticipation for the big game, we thought we’d provide LFC fans with the perfect opportunity to relive the buzz and excitement of an LFC match at Anfield.

Head to a local pub for a pint

The Park Pub

source: www.thisisanfield.com

Heading to one of the local pubs dotted around the stadium is part and parcel of the match day experience. The Sandon, the birth place of Liverpool FC, is a popular choice for travelling home fans, or you could opt for the popular Arkles for a pre-match pint where you can sample some of the rivalry with away fans, who are traditionally allowed to indulge in a pre-match pint here.

If you are looking to rub shoulders with the hard core natives, you can head to The Albert, conveniently nestled in the shadow of the Kop for a good old pre match sing along. The Flat Iron, Stanley or The Park are also popular destinations for the hard core local support; either way you won’t be fussed, as long as there is a pint in your belly before the game.

Attempt to be served at the busy bar


There might be plenty of pubs around the stadium, but there’s always many more fans – so attempting to be served at the bar is all part of the match day fun. Make sure you’ve got your wits about you, as if you spot a gap you need to be straight in there ready for that eye contact! Leaving a nice tip after the first round helps too for round 2!

Finding a space to stand and sticking to it


The fans will hit the pubs in their droves, so you find a spot and stick to it, absorbing in all the noise, opinions and laughter that will make their way across the pub. You’ll be surrounded by heated debates, colourful characters and maybe even the odd drunk, but there’s no better place to be before the big game.

Quickly drinking the pint before the match kicks off


It’s taken you so long to get served at the bar that you’ve only had time for one drink – or you just don’t fancy waiting in line for another, so you could finish your pint and head to the stadium to take your seat, not that you’ll ever sit in it. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for the Kop, be prepared to stand for the entirety of the game, all part of the experience!

Walking to Anfield listening to the street vendors’ sounds


Whether it be shouts for food, drink or merchandise, the street vendors’ calls all become part of the buzz at Anfield. You don’t need a hat, scarf, or a badge because you’ve been wearing the same one for years – but you might grab a bite to eat before the big game!

The click and clack of the turnstiles as you enter the ground


You are about to make your way into the stadium, and all you can think about is the game that’s instore for both you and the Red Men. So you listen to the sound of the click and clack of the turnstiles, ready for one of the best games of your life. Nothing beats the rattle of that turnstile and it turns allowing you entry into the ground. You’re almost there!

Feel a chill run down your spine from The Kop’s noise


You will instantly feel chills down your spine and goose-bumps across your arms as you listen to the noise from The Kop. The sound is infectious and you want to be there, standing with them, cheering LFC onto victory. As the crowds begin to form in the stands, you’ll make your way through a sea of Liverpool red to find your seat. You will become captivated by the level of pride displayed from the fans, as they proudly hold up all sorts of banners, scarves and flags and you cannot help but laugh at the witty quotes, messages and phrases on fans’ banners, proving what wonderful characters support Liverpool FC.

Anticipate the playing of You’ll Never Walk Alone


You wait for the moment the players make their way onto the pitch, with the crowd roaring to life when You’ll Never Walk Alone is played across the stadium and nothing will make you feel prouder to be a red than the moment the fans take over You’ll Never Walk Alone, with the whole of Anfield feeling the passion and pride for their club.

Become absorbed in the game


Once the whistle has blown, you’re immersed into the game. Nothing else exists and you will scream and shout until you’ve won the game, indulging in the many terrace songs synonymous with the club.

You will happily join in singing songs like the Fields of Anfield Road during the game, not missing a word or a beat, belting it out with pride and passion in an attempt to play your own part in the team’s quest for victory on the pitch.

Win or lose, feel a sense of pride from the fans’ loyalty


Whether the red men have been victorious, you’ve drawn or lost the game, you will walk away from the match feeling proud of both the club and its fans. You will have laughed, shouted and sang your heart, leaving you with a bit of a dry, scratchy throat once the game is over – but it was worth it.

Enjoy a Post-Match Pint to Avoid Traffic


source: www.thisisanfield.com

The streets will be jammed with people once the match is over, so you’ll just nip into the pub for another pint – either toasting to victory, pleased with a draw or commiserating the loss. Either way, it’s the best escape to avoid the busy crowds and crazy traffic.

Talking about the match on the way home, avoiding all public transport

Shankly statue

source: soccer.nbcsports.com

Once you’ve had your pint and think the game is over, you’ll walk home – or to a distance where you know you won’t be stuck in match traffic. All the while, talking about the game, the future of the club and the match-day Anfield atmosphere.

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