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Bold Street

The Foodies Guide to Bold Street

When it comes to eating and drinking in Liverpool, everyone knows that Bold Street is the hub of it all.

The heart of the Ropewalks district, Bold Street has long been the bohemian centre of independent bars, restaurants, coffee shops and retailers all putting their unique stamp on the city.

You could literally spend your entire day exploring Bold Street, from breakfast to a late-night tipple, there is enough food and drink from all corners of the earth to keep you entertained all day and night long.

We’ve created the ultimate Bold Street bucket list for foodies, so if you ever find yourself wondering this enchanting street, you’ll know exactly where to visit.

American Pizza Slice

The best damn pizza in Liverpool? We think so.

American Pizza Slice have long reigned as the kings of the pizza slice in Liverpool and Bold Street is their third and most exciting location with a twist. They’ve listened to the people and as well as a quaint outdoor area and proper seating, they now serve alcohol!

We’re not entirely sure what magical ingredient they use in their tomato sauce or what makes their crusts so deliciously crispy but we do know it’s enough to make us come back for more.

American Pizza Slice


Small plates & cocktails is what you’ll find at Maray making it the perfect early evening spot.

Opened in 2014, Maray has become a staple on Bold Street and its popularity continues to impress locals and visitors alike. Their small plates, which are advised to be shared are filled with such flavour you’ll want to finish the whole lot off yourself.

#MeatFreeMondays are also a thing at Maray, and although you can opt to have something off the regular menu, we encourage you to try something new and stick to the veggies as their far from regular and will most certainly blow your mind.


Bold Street Coffee

One of the most popular specialty coffee shops in Liverpool, Bold Street Coffee does exactly what it says on the tin.

Opened six years ago, Bold Street Coffee works with only the best roasters to give its loyal customer base an exceptional coffee each and every time. But Bold Street Coffee is so much more than that, playing host to a number of independent exhibitions and artists, this really is the home of independent creativity in Liverpool.

You’d be  forgiven for thinking that all Bold Street Coffee sells is coffee, obviously, but trust us their culinary selection will blow you away. Breakfast and lunch is sorted at Bold Street Coffee where an array of imaginative and impeccably presented dishes are on offer.

Bold Street Coffee

East Avenue Bakehouse

Open morning, noon and night, East Avenue Bakehouse is an exciting bakery and restaurant with a twist.

All produce is locally sourced and all bread, cakes and specialty bakes are all baked in-house making for the most incredible smelling restaurant in the city.

But don’t assume all East Avenue Bakehouse serves is delicious bread and cakes, their creative and indulgent menu offers everything from slow-cooked lamb stew, roast cod and braised highland venison ensure that East Avenue Bakehouse is the place to be any time of day.

East Avenue Bakehouse

The Italian Club

Looking for proper Italian food infused with an English twist?

Welcome to The Italian Club, the family run authentic Italian which will have you drooling before you’ve even stepped inside.

We’re talking about incredible pizzas, linguine which will blow your mind and the best tiramisu you’ve ever had.

The cosy, homelike atmosphere is nothing short of welcoming and you’ll often find a member of the Crolla family welcoming you in and ensuring your evening is spectacular.

Italian Club

Another special Italian with a twist is The Italian Club Fish, ran by the same family.

Self-proclaimed as a marriage between British and Italian styles, this truly is a match made in heaven. Pair the traditions of British fish and chips with the Crolla family history of the Italian fish trade and you’ve got yourself a real winner for lunch and supper.

The Italian Fish Club

NoLIta Cantina

American food at its finest.

NoLIta Cantina is another Bold Street hotspot specialising in homemade traditional American style food.

From slow-cooked meats to corndogs and an incredible selection of burgers, NoLIta Cantina is the ultimate indulgence.

With its stripped back decor, rustic delivery and friendly staff, NoLIta Cantina is certainly one for your Bold Street Bucket List.

Nolita Cantina


If ghetto Asian Fusion is right up your street, then this Japanese inspired restaurant is for you.

Mister Miyagi’s is the go-to for many looking for their bao bun fix, with its Parisian décor, exposed brickwork and booth-style seating, it’s no wonder this gem is a firm favourite for diners looking for an unusual bite in a face-paced environment.

The drinks at Miyagi aren’t too shabby either, ask your waiter who will be able to pair a delicious, handcrafted cocktail or spirit to accompany your main to ensure your time at Miyagi’s is an experience.



Mowgli should certainly be at the top of your Bold Street bucket list.

From incredible flavours to their unique décor and swing like seating, this is a restaurant you won’t forget in a hurry.

The intricate menu turns our ideas of traditional Indian food on its head, serving only the very best in authentic street food. As soon as the door swings open, you’re hit square in the face with this incredible aroma which you just can’t put your finger on. From tiffin boxes to bunny chow and chat bombs, Mowgli does Indian like you’ve never imagined.

Without the ability to book, you’ve got to be pretty swift with your timings if you’re visiting during busy periods (Thursday-Sunday) or have the willpower to wait at least an hour for a free table, but trust us, it’s worth it. If you’re partial to a nice cocktail then we implore you to try the Lychee Rose Martini, it’s really special.


Leaf Tea Shop

If you’re exploring Bold Street, then a visit to Leaf is a must.

This quaint tea shop is famed for its marvelous selection of loose leaf teas, moreish light bites and G&T’s.

In the evening this quite tea shop is transformed into a lovely events space with live music, DJ’s and pudding clubs where the gin flows and the lights are dimmed to create an utterly inviting atmosphere.

Leaf Tea Shop


In need of a chicken fix? Look no further than Koop.

Pinned as ‘gastrojunk’, Koop aims to upgrade the tired classics of chicken, burgers and shakes providing diners with a tantalising taste experience which will leave them feeling full and more than satisfied.

Perfect for a mid-shopping snack or after work bite to eat, Koop is ideal for those looking for a tasty bite, their way. With a varying range of flavours and spices, Koop is yours to play with, plus they do buy 10 wings get 10 free on Wednesdays.



Ever been to Lebanon? No need, just head to Bakchich on Bold Street.

This little slice of Lebanon is quite simply a stunning find and one which you’ll be returning to time and time again. The authenticity of Bakchich is second to none with their mezzes, shawarma and moussaka you really can’t go wrong.

Perfect for lunch, a quick bite or a delicious evening meal, Bekchich is the place to visit on Bold Street.



Crust takes us back to Italy with a twist.

Crust invites you to try something new with its creative menu which allows you to be the chef; choose from a range of bases including five grain, organic and black dough and a range of classic, white pizza and pizzafficionados.

There are over 31 pizzas on offer with the option to make your own as well as a selection of other dishes including pasta, burgers and of course some incredible desserts.

So if you’re a pizza lover, then Crust on Bold Street is a definite must visit for you.



The latest addition to Bold Street’s culinary delights is Elif, who serve up the best Turkish cuisine in Liverpool.

Sharing freshly barbecued food with great company in a relaxed and welcoming environment is a recipe for success and Elif ticks all the boxes. Everyone knows that Turkish food is all about the mezze’s and BBQ so we implore you to try something new, step out of your comfort zone and really enjoy what Elif has to offer.



Chicha is a Peruvian Street Kitchen with raving reviews which means you have to try it!

One of the newbies to Bold Street, Chicha has had an immense reaction since opening its doors and the hype doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Signature dishes at Chicha include Lomo Saltado, Ceviche, Plantain Chips and Quinoa and Avocado Salad, veggies don’t panic because there is a dedicated section for you. There are many things on the menu which will be foreign to you put don’t be shy, try something new and the helpful waiters will be more than happy to assist in your decision.


Ko Grill

Bold Street is known for its eclectic mix of cultures and its restaurant selection is at the heart of it all.

Ko Grill is an authentic eastern grill which takes inspiration from Indian and Pakistani cuisine ensuring its flavours are rich, meat tender and atmosphere electric.

You’ll find plenty of halloumi, shawarma and tikka burgers on the menu at Ko Grill and once again, don’t be afraid to try something new.

All meats are locally sourced and cooked in the famous tandoori oven and charcoal grill which really locks in all the flavour and gives you a true eastern experience.

Ko Grill


If you’re a fan of North African food then a visit to Kasbah is a must. The Moroccan style restaurant offers incredible tagines from across the country, including Tagine de Marrakech which has the signature lemon taste of the Moroccan dish.

The wait staff also come donned with a fez, giving you the true taste of a Morocco from times gone by.

If tagines aren’t your thing, give the chicken brochettes a go, they’re chicken fillets marinated in authentic spices. Slightly spicy but with a slightly sweet edge and served with beautifully fragrant saffron rice.

kasbah Liverpool

Vincent Kitchen

Boasting themselves as the only completely wheat free, gluten free and dairy free restaurant in Liverpool, Vincent Kitchen is bringing in a whole new concept of health food.

The restaurant allows you to build your own boil with a choice of base, meat (or tofu), veggies, sauced and garnish. The choices on offer mean there’s never ending combination to try and they’re all delicious!

Vincent Kitchen prides itself on responsibly sourcing all their ingredients and preparing all their food fresh to order.

vincent kitchen liverpool


The Vietnamese street food chain opened its doors in March 2017 and has people flocking to sample the traditional noodle soup.

With a whole array of exciting foods to try, you’ll never be stuck for something to eat but make sure you don’t miss out on trying the signature pho range.

There’s even a range of authentic Asian desserts, including ice creams flavoured with green tea, honey and ginger or coconut which cannot be missed!

The dark and encapsulating interior gives Pho a stylish and hipster vibe and is the go-to place for the cool kids of Liverpool.

Although Pho is a popular chain across the UK, its friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes it seem like a home-grown independent of Liverpool.

Pho Liverpool

Uncle Sam’s

Uncle Sam’s brings together the best of American, Italian-American and Tex-Mex cuisine, with big burgers, New York Italian pizza and Cajun spiced dishes.

There’s loads of classics on offer with a choice of hefty steaks, traditional Italian lasagne and some of the best chilli cheese fries you’ll taste this side of the Atlantic.

If you’re feeling particularly hungry, there’s Uncle Sam’s Burger Challenge that invites you to try and finish off an extra-large beef patty, cheese, bacon, onion rings and fries. If you manage to clean your plate, not only will you get your meal for free, you’ll also get a unique medal and your picture on their wall of fame!

uncle sam's liverpool

Red Dog Saloon

Red Dog Saloon recently opened its very first Northern venue and chose Liverpool to be the host.

The American barbeque restaurant is a true taste of American barbecue, using smokers that were imported from Oklahoma.

The ‘low and slow’ method of cooking makes all their burgers, ribs and steaks just melt in your mouth and the smoker gives everything the full flavour of the American South.

The dish of choice at Red Dog Saloon has to be one of their burgers, with some proper monsters up for grabs. Try the ‘Devastator Challenge’ and see if you can devour an 18oz steak, 200g pulled pork, 6 rashers of bacon and six slices of American cheese all encased in a brioche bun. Good luck.

red dog saloon liverpool

The incredible thing about all these different restaurants is that you can travel around the world without stepping off Bold Street. We’ve said it time and time again but don’t be shy to try something new, ask questions and embrace the culture you’re absorbed in when dining on Bold Street.

If you’re looking for a delicious cocktail to enjoy after your day on Bold Street, check out this guide to the Best Cocktails in Liverpool to complete your night.

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