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Where to Find the Best Pizzas in Liverpool

Liverpool is famed for a lot of things; its cultural significance, historical grandeur and for being the home of the most famous boyband in the world. But what many forget is our unbelievable selection of independents. They are the backbone of our city, providing locals and visitors alike with delicious culinary delights from all corners of the earth and what corner is better than Italy, the home of the humble pizza. Looking for the best pizzas in Liverpool? We’ve rounded up all the places you need to go to get your fix.

When it comes to pizza it can be easy to settle for the frozen, supermarket bought kind but here at Signature’s Liverpool, we’re here to tell you that settling is a crime when you have such an eclectic mix to pick from! We implore you to try new toppings, order the charcoal base and enjoy Liverpool’s pizza offering.

Santa Maluco

If you struggle to pick a single pizza to enjoy then Santa Maluco is the place for you!

The newest addition to Liverpool’s pizza offering is a delicious rodizio style pizzeria on Castle Street which serves freshly baked 18’ pizza’s straight from the huge pizza oven in the heart of the restaurant.

Their rodizio style means that you can pay a fixed price of either £10 before 4pm or £15 after 4pm for unlimited pizza. The waiter will simply continue to bring you the freshest offering from the oven until you’ve had enough.

Oh, and did we mention they do a desert pizza, filled with chocolate, smarties and cream?

pizzas in liverpool

The Peacock

Pizza and prosecco, what more do you need?

Situated on Seel Street, The Peacock is a fantastic bar and pizzeria with an outdoor terrace on St Peter’s Square.

As they only sell pizza, you’d hope they’d be pretty good at it and rightly so. Every pizza is made to order in front of you at the Peacock Pizza Bar meaning you have the option to mix up your pizza any which way you choose.

The pizza, which is baked in a dedicated pizza oven in the heart of the bar is utterly delicious and for just a fiver, you can’t complain.

pizzas in Liverpool

American Pizza Slice

The king of the pizza slice!

American Pizza Slice does exactly what it says on the tin and there is nowhere better in the city to grab a quick slice as you’re shopping, on a lunch break or even heading home after a few (their Bold Street store is open until 2am).

Their secret recipe ensures the pizzas are to die for and we assure you one slice is never enough!

If you’re feeling a little more peckish, then enjoy a 10” or 18” which can be delivered straight to your bed so you don’t even have to move to enjoy the wonders of APS, plus they’ll often give you a quirky hand-drawn picture on the box, just because.

pizzas in Liverpool

The Merchant

The Merchant is a unique bar set just on the corner of Parr Street and Slater Street making it central enough to find from town yet a little hidden so you won’t be fighting off the riffraff.

The spacious bar is famed for its craft beers and delicious gin concoctions but they also have their very own selection of independent pop-up restaurants but one eatery which you’ll always find is Nightcrawler Pizza.

Enjoy New York style pizza by the slice with a range of delicious toppings to ensure you’ll never be hungry!

pizzas in Liverpool


The home of the best pizza in England!

Amalia, the quaint Italian situated just off Duke Street on Campbell Square recently won the award for ‘Best Pizza in England’ so it’s definitely one to try (if you can get in).

If you’re feeling brave, and very hungry, take the 5lb Calzone Challenge, if you can polish off the almighty calzone which is filled with veggies, meat, tomato and a whole load of cheese, you’ll get it for free!

pizzas in Liverpool


The vintage Hollywood bar experience is the perfect city centre stop off to enjoy some good music, a few drinks and some delicious pizza.

Choose from the ultimate classics or go for a wacky twist to really mix things up. The spaghetti and meatballs pizza is an Italian combination you can’t miss, while the fiery chilli, jalapeno, spicy beef, cajun chicken and Tabasco is sure to blow your head off.

Whichever pizza you choose, wash it all down with some unique cocktail blends and make your standard pizza endeavour extraordinary.

pizzas in Liverpool


A finalist for Best Pizza in England, Crust is a fabulous independent eatery on Bold Street, in the heart of all the action.

The dedicated Italian restaurant has a fresh take on the classics offering a selection of crust choices including Black Dough, Five Grain and the Crust Original which is slow risen sourdough (48 hrs) and baked in the wood-fired Marana Farni oven.

Crust furthermore offers a selection of pizzas for those with a sweet tooth, so we recommend saving a bit of room to indulge a little more.



TriBeca; a cocktail and pizza emporium located just outside the city centre on Smithdown Road

The New York inspired bar & pizzeria is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a handmade pizza which is crafted right in front of you.

The extensive menu ensures that there is something for everyone, with live sports showing and DJ’s gracing the decks of a weekend, TriBeca is the ideal spot to begin your night.


Italian Club

Another Italian hidden on Bold Street is The Italian Club.

As you can guess from the name, The Italian Club is an authentic Italian which specialises in all things pizza and pasta related.

You’ll feel like you’re stepping into an old friend’s kitchen when you step off Bold Street and into this fine restaurant which is situated towards the top of Bold Street

Being renowned for its delicious pizza’s we implore you to try one of their concoctions which are freshly baked on a crispy yet moreish dough and topped with the finest of ingredients.


Trattoria 51

Trattoria 51, the perfect pizza spot for those working in Liverpool’s business district.

Situated on Old Hall Street, Trattoria 52 is the pizza spot for many celebrities and it’s no surprise as the pizzas are utterly delicious. The 12” pizzas come with a range of toppings and as you can imagine you can add and take away anything as you please ensuring you’ll be tucking into a pizza which is uniquely yours.


Il Forno

Il Forno, the self-proclaimed ‘fine art of Italian dining’ has won copious awards and it’s not hard to see why.

Situated on Duke Street, Il Forno is the heart of Italian dining in Liverpool and head chef Paolo Cillo is the life and soul of the restaurant.

As you can imagine, the pizzas at Il Forno are nothing short of authentic and transport to you a tiny four-seater restaurant in Venice. Everything is baked in a central, open kitchen in the humongous wood-fired pizza oven, you just can’t beat it for the best pizzas in Liverpool.

Il Forno

Wall of Fame

Although Wall of Fame is known for its burgers, we assure you their pizzas are worth a shot.

Offering something a little more exciting than the usual, Wall of Fame really experiments with its flavours to give you delicious concoctions such as Pepperoni Mac & Cheese.

Situated on Victoria Street, you can enjoy a range of delicious cocktails and some great music as you tuck into your pizza.


Ma Egerton’s Stage Door

Ma Egerton’s Pizza Shop serves up delicious Italian style stone base pizzas literally next door to The Empire Theatre’s stage door.

The menu for this hidden gem is a stroke of genius as the entire menu is named after famed stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Munroe and Henry ‘The Fonze’’ Winkler which all offer something unique and utterly scrumptious.

Enjoy a slice of history in this pub which dates back to the early 20th century when Lime Street was the theatrical hub of the city.



This Hope street delight is an all-time favourite at Signature’s Liverpool and it’s no surprise why.

Fredericks offer a small but well thought out selection of pizzas in Liverpool which include a brisket of chilli beef with South Carolina sauce and a chargrilled veg & feta with pesto, yum.

Sit outside and enjoy enchanting views of both the Anglican and Metropolitan cathedral or alternatively head inside where you can enjoy your pizza by the open fire, beer in hand.


Love & Rockets

Nestled in Liverpool’s favourite trendy district, Love & Rockets on Lark Lane has become THE place to go for the best pizzas in Liverpool. With unusual, but tasty toppings like Peking Duck, Chicken Chorizo and Egg and a whole host of other must try toppings, it’s certainly a pizza place to remember.

Pair this with craft beer, a community-eating feel and Mexican-cum-traditional vibe and it’s a sure winner at Love & Rockets in Liverpool.

pizzas in Liverpool

Little Furnace

Little Furnance have been taking the food and drink scene by storm with the most coveted pizzas in Liverpool. After wowing with their pop up offerings at festivals throughout the city, the iconic pizza makers have finally secured a location for their first permanent restaurant.

The authentic wood-fired pizza comes straight from the Italian’s mouth, with extensive research being undertaken by the brains behind the projects. Thin crusts fired in an incredible and beautiful furnance, what could be better? Keep an eye on their restaurant progress and be a part of history when they open their doors later this month.

pizzas in Liverpool
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Crazy Pedros

If you’re looking for the craziest pizzas in Liverpool, then Pedro is here to help. Originally from Manchester but spreading their wings into Scouse territory, Crazy Pedros has the most talked about pizzas in Liverpool this year.

Famed for making pizza toppings that no one else dares to, they’re sure to get tongues wagging in more ways than one. It’s a junk food diva’s dream on Parr Street and we can’t wait to try their fried chicken and waffle pizza, their Big Mac offering and the classic ‘World Famous’ hotdog pizza.

pizzas in Liverpool

The Best Pizzas in Liverpool

It’s hard to choose the very best pizzas in Liverpool, with so many incredible places offering unique pizzas that will definitely get your mouth watering. Pizza is the backbone of our society and pizzas in Liverpool are hard contenders for the best in the world.

Have we missed out your favourite pizza place? Think we should add somewhere to the list? Let us know and we’ll extensively research their pizzas and add them to the list.

If you’re looking to have a drink after a delicious pizza, why not check out the best cocktail bars in Liverpool, wash away all the cheese and delicious toppings with Liverpool’s finest mixed drinks.

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